CASE: furniture upholstery or how to increase the volume of leads by 2 times and reduce the cost of conversion by 120 UAH


Service type: Contextual advertising

Theme: Repair and upholstery of upholstered furniture

Region: Kyiv

Duration: 3 months (01.06-31.08)

Ad budget: UAH 60,000

Initial data:

Before contacting us, the client independently set up contextual advertising for 1 year and 9 months.

What was good: The structure of the account was worked out quite well: campaigns were divided into product categories (upholstery of furniture, sofas, armchairs, furniture covers, etc.) Remarketing worked according to the smart list and the list “duration more than 30 seconds”.

What was bad: The account was still using standard text ads (rather than expanded ones). There were several keywords per 1 ad group (from 2 to 48 per group). Not all keywords matched adequately, so ad relevancy is quite low. The end result is fewer clicks and fewer leads at a high cost. Many keywords have received the status of “few searched”. The client didn’t see much of the search queries, so the traffic was quite dirty.

At the time of the launch of the RC, the Binotel call-tracking was already installed on the client’s website. In the process, the correct fixation of leads from the site forms was adjusted (3 buttons: “get a discount”, “clarify the cost”, “waiting for a call”.) At the time of the launch of the AC, we tracked almost all the leads from the site. Percentage of calls to all leads: 76%.

The main goal set by the client is to increase the number of leads with a given budget.

Campaigns were used for promotion in contextual advertising:

– Search campaigns by service categories (upholstery of sofas, armchairs, chairs, furniture covers).

– Remarketing.

– Display campaign.

Search campaigns have been optimized, the existing semantics have been corrected, the account structure has been redesigned, and new keywords have been added. Well, of course, for 3 months, daily work was carried out on rates, quality indicators, traffic cleaning, etc. For media campaigns, the emphasis was on the constant selection of cheap and working placements. Also, the banner was divided into 2 groups: “Repair and Upholstery” with the keys “furniture restoration, sofa upholstery, furniture repair”, etc., and “Sofa Catalog” with the keys “upholstered furniture, order furniture, furniture where to buy” etc. The hypothesis that a Ukrainian user who wants to buy a new sofa will still give the old one a chance and order a reupholstery is completely justified.


In the search network, the cost per conversion has dropped from UAH 801.05 up to UAH 181.32


The lowest cost per lead was for the KMS campaign “Keys” (keyword targeting). The conversion cost is UAH 61.95. 119 leads were received (79 of them were from the “catalog of sofas” group). CTR for the catalog – 0.25%, for banner – 0.42%. The difference is explained by the fact that for the group “repair and reupholstery” a problem-solution has already been formed and defined, and for the “catalog of sofas” an alternative is proposed.

According to the catalog of sofas, the cost per click was higher, so I competed with online sofa stores for the impression.

11 banners were tested in the media.

The most effective banner was used in both remarketing and keyword campaigns. In total, it brought in 84 conversions. Remarketing lists were excluded from the Display Network – so that the banner would not be “blurred” and for a better impact on the audience.

It was noteworthy that although remarketing did not bring a significant number of leads, the cost per conversion fell from 93 UAH in the initial period up to 54 UAH.

Another successful banner brought 15 conversions at an average cost of UAH 62.21.

Another successful hypothesis was to increase the bid in the search network for users who were already on the site (search remarketing). Unfortunately, the experiment was implemented 7 days before the end of the client’s use of contextual advertising.

The cost per conversion is below average for search (despite the fact that the hypothesis was tested on campaigns with the most expensive keywords). CTR of 31.03% I think is very successful. Average CPC is high due to +15% adjustment.

In total, for 3 months of work 60418.22 UAH were spent, 448 conversions were received. The average cost per conversion is UAH 134.33

Compared to 3 months of advertising directly by the client: UAH 57,365.89, 77 conversions, cost per conversion – UAH 738.25


Leads/transactions: 448

Average cost per lead or transaction: UAH 134.33

Conversion rate: 6.42%

Ad budget: UAH 60,418.22

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