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Contextual advertising

I will not talk about any checkboxes, additional settings, etc. I will talk about things that work, taking the example of our company’s clients.

Hello! My name is Yana. I have 5 life hacks for B2B business Google ads in 2019.

1. Strategic Remarketing

The first life hack I call “strategic remarketing”. Now let’s figure out what this means. Let me remind you that remarketing is an advertisement aimed at returning users who visited the site. How do most people set up remarketing? It takes the audience “all users” launch into advertising, as a result, remarketing is either expensive or does not work.

I would like to recommend breaking down the entire audience that visited the site according to the sales funnel – the specific stages of the funnel. I agree, the audience that visited only the main page, no longer moved around the site – rather not our audience? You can aggregate it with a remarketing list or completely exclude it from advertising campaigns, saving money on this audience or making negative adjustments. If this is your task or this audience is participating in the sales funnel.

Sales Funnel

Most sites contain registration forms, purchases, other things that indicate that this audience is already hotter as buyers. What can be done with it? You can break them down into a separate remarketing list. For those who are closer to the ultimate goal of the sales funnel – to make advertising an aggressive, personal message.

The second condition for the life hack to work is to send personal messages to different audience segments. Let’s get back to filling out the form. Rather, it has several stages on the site. For example, two. The person stopped at the first stage, the second did not finish. Remind him, say, “Hi! You forgot to fill out the second stage of the form ”or change it with some kind of bun. You can, for example, write “We give 25% extra for filling out the form” or “Get an additional 10 or 20% discount for filling out the second stage of the form.”

Look how long he’s been interested in a certain type of product. For example, there are some engineering systems painted on the site. Look how long he studied detailed information, downloaded catalogs, price lists, ordered some additional consultation, additionally communicated with the chat manager – this indicates that this person is likely to recruit people for remarketing, warmer, have higher value than those who are at a higher stage of the sales funnel.

Ad campaign goals

2. Using YouTube remarketing

For especially industrial topics, some engineering installations, YouTube systems are more associated with some kind of entertaining teenage content. You lose a lot if you don’t test this tool specifically for your niche. Why?

Firstly, YouTube helps to create more active demand for products. If we use remarketing on YouTube, then from the previous stage we have already collected all the audiences, broken down into all stages of the funnel, which means you will show your video ad to the right audience, the right segment.

A notable feature of YouTube advertising is its cheapness. The price for 1000 impressions can vary from 5 hryvnia to approximately 40 hryvnia. It is cheap. Or the cost per click in the search network can be 40, 50 or more hryvnia, if it is a highly competitive niche. At the same time, the price of 1 view on YouTube will literally cost a penny. 10, 20, maximum 30 kopecks.

Remember, video is your sales manager 24/7. I agree, in your niche, your specifics, there is a certain set of objections that sales managers usually work out on a regular basis? Right? You can already communicate the audience in advance by working out these objections. Launch a serial display of some video creatives. Imagine, you can not show the same ads to the same users in a row, but communicate with a certain sequential set of videos. You set the sequence, the frequency. Cool? Great? Thus, you can already work out some of the objections in advance and thus stir up interest in your product. Cool, cool setup, trick, life hack, which is very little used in both B2C and B2B. Therefore, use it to your health.

Competitor advertising advantages

3. Launching advertising campaigns based on competitors’ keywords

Advertising by competitors is one of my favorite ads. Because the user is already asking the question not what to buy, why to buy, but where to buy? It is in the global sales funnel already at the main goal – the purchase. So it’s easier to communicate with him. If the user has the question “where to buy?”, We can simply kill the strengths of the competitor’s weaknesses and this client will already be ours. As they say, “If this person is not your client today, he will most likely be someone else’s client tomorrow.” This is an important point.

Competitor ads in search results< /p>

Competitive advertising can be expensive. If you use search remarketing, the cost per click will be several times lower. Let’s take a highly competitive price – 40 hryvnia, in search remarketing it will be, say, 5-10 hryvnia. Agree, big difference. The conversion will be lower than such advertising campaigns in comparison with search ones, believe me, the quality of leads of competitive queries will not be lower than the hottest search traffic.

4. Create an extension stock set

Create a stockpile of ad extensions in search ad campaigns. Let me remind you that the extension is certain text inserts that Google can add to the main text ads of the search results. Not only do they increase the volume of the ad, making it noticeable, more attractive, clickable, their trick is that you can tell them additionally about the features, benefits, advantages, and characteristics of the product. On personal computers, the user does not read these ads anymore, rather, you, like me, open several tabs in a row and already browse the site there, looking for the answer to the target query.

Ad extensions

But there are mobile devices, this is a single-screen display of advertising results. On a small screen fit 1, maximum 2 advertisements. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it’s not easy to open multiple tabs on mobile devices, it’s rather just inconvenient to view them. The user will have to read your ad. On mobile, they read more carefully than on personal computers. More traffic comes from mobile devices. Users start their search regardless of the complexity of the niche, the specifics, the age of the audience. Most of us already use these mobile devices and start searching, comparing prices, searching for contractors from this mobile device. The task is to talk about the features and benefits of your product. What do I mean?

More links

When some of the clients come in for audit, in the extensions section, we notice a recurring resource improvement error. 4, maximum 8 traits of extensions are created, quite common. An example is contacts, reviews, home, about us, team, cases and the like in this variation. They are not bad in themselves, it cannot be said that this cannot be done. The bottom line is that instead of cluttering the place with general statements, you can talk about the benefits of your product.

Configure extensions

For example, saving such and such amount of money or such and such a percentage of the amount of money is the use of your product. Or “Read the success stories of using our product.” If there are some specific characteristics of the product and there is a certain portrait of the target audience in B2B of some software, software, some CRM, analytical systems. There is a target audience of business owners, sales managers, marketers. Everyone has some kind of pain that they want to close with the help of your product. Communicate clearly with these small texts that can further reveal the properties of the product specifically to these portraits.

This principle applies to industrial topics. The engineer and the business owner will score different requests. The engineer will be interested in some issues that he wants to close with the help of the product, the business owner will be interested in his own. Tell, communicate with wordings, texts. Thus, you will win, the ad will be more clickable in comparison with competitors, plus you will already partially close some of the objections, questions in the minds of customers. Perhaps he will no longer look for the answer “why buy it”, but will already look for the conditions of the purchase, some additional chips, benefits, etc.

5. Using Top Content in Ads

Use top content in industrial topics, IT and others. B2B businesses most likely have a blog. There may be a blog written on some specialized topics, some of you write books, form price lists, catalogs, etc., which you usually give away for free. You can see the button “download price list” at the top of the site – click and download. Or a book, a checklist for selecting, selecting or controlling the quality of work of the equipment that you sell. I propose to do the following: choose top content, you know it, you can calculate it with analytics systems or you know what is in active demand on the blog, what is reposted, copied, including by competitors. Create a separate landing page for this top content, a kind of landing page. You can put on the site. No need to do with twenty turns. You make a description of top content in such a way that it is no longer possible to simply download a catalog, price list, booklet, checklists, but in exchange for a user’s contact, e-mail, phone, depending on the value of the benefit you want to exchange. Launch contextual advertising focusing on top content on this landing page. As a result, you get an increase in your contact base. The part of this audience that exchanges contacts will have a higher value, a part lower. You can easily segment according to the same principle as in remarketing, then you will communicate additionally or already resell. You can use these contacts not only for calling the sales department, but also for sending e-mails.

These are the TOP 5 features that I wanted to share that are working now in 2019. The main thing is that few people use it. You have a chance to be better today than yesterday. And of course it is better in contextual advertising than the closest competitors. If the question arose of how to organize it correctly, you can do it yourself or contact our team. If this video was helpful please like it. Based on the likes, I understand whether I give useful content or not. Do not forget to press the “subscribe” button if you have not subscribed yet, the bell so as not to miss new life hack releases.

See you soon!

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