What is Google Ads?

Google Ads Contextual advertising

Google search engine takes the first place in popularity in Ukraine. It serves 92.7% of all search traffic in our country.

The total number of clickers on Google Ads contextual advertising ads is more than a third of all users of this Internet giant. Therefore, Google AdWords is an effective and reliable marketing tool that you just need to use correctly.

What is Google Ads?

Google AdWords is a service that allows you to place contextual advertising in Google search results or on partner sites in its media network. AdWords has a simple, intuitive interface and provides the user with many tools to create effective advertising campaigns to promote products or services.

Defining what Google AdWords is in simple words is an advertising tool for self-configuring advertising on the Internet, working on the principle of PPC (Pay Per Click).

Google Ads are not actually different from regular Google search results. The only difference is a small word called “Advertising”. You can see such an ad next to organic results in Google search. It can be at the top of the search results or at the very bottom of the page.

Ad example:

Google AdWords example

How does Google AdWords work?

As already mentioned, the principle of operation of Google AdWords is Pay Per Click (pay per click). Thus, the client of the search engine pays for the result – the transition to the site. Ineffective ad views are not paid.

To understand how Google Ads works, imagine the owner of an online women’s clothing store. The first thing to do is to collect relevant (suitable for the topic) keywords, for example, “buy women’s clothing”, “clothes for women in Kyiv”. One of Google’s tools, the Keyword Planner, can help with the choice of keywords.

How Google AdWords works

When a potential customer enters a query into the Google search bar, the system displays ads that are relevant to their query, taking into account the keywords entered in the search bar. Advertisers seeking to showcase their ads on the SERPs are bidding per click.

Assigned bids participate in an auction between advertisers using the same queries. The ad with the highest bid will rank higher.

Important! Google takes into account not only assigned rates. The system considers the quality of the ad and the site itself, the relevance of the page to the key phrase. Therefore, if you want to get a high position in Google search results, it is not enough just to pay more than a competitor – you need to work on the quality of the site and landing page, compose relevant and clickable texts for advertisements.

The Benefits of Google Ads

  1. The ability to show ads only to the most loyal audience or to those who are ready to order right now. Advertising in Google Adwords has flexible targeting – you can set impressions only for the base of loyal customers who have bought before or focus on those who enter queries with a commercial component in the search bar (if the query contains the words “buy”, “order”, “price”, then the user is most likely ready to buy in the near future). This will help the advertiser avoid showing to the wrong audience and unnecessary waste.
  2. You can set impressions for a specific location. With the help of AdWords tools, you can target the nearest radius around your office. This is true, for example, for beauty salons, hairdressers, coffee houses, nail salons, etc. Using this option, you can attract a client base from the nearest offices or residential buildings (since the likelihood that your services will be visited from the other side of the city is not so high). In addition, you can quickly adjust to the intent of the target audience – for example, when a user 500 meters away from you enters “clothes repair” in the search bar and immediately sees an advertisement for your atelier.
  3. Flexible settings. The tool has extensive functionality. Allows you to show text, media (banners), product (product cards in search results with a price and photo), video ads. Each of the types of advertising campaigns can be customized for a specific target audience, choose the time, place of display, etc. Many formats for users with a variety of budgets.
  4. Payment is charged only for the targeted action. Google Ads use the Pay Per Click algorithm, so the advertiser pays only for users who are interested in the offer and go to the site, and not for impressions (as in other types of advertising). You can set limits on a daily or monthly budget and control your costs, which makes such advertising convenient and predictable.
  5. Return on investment can be tracked. The advertising account is also a convenient analytics system. There you can control the number of visits to the site, their cost, the keywords that brought visitors. This is impossible in any kind of offline advertising, because if you placed an advertisement on radio, TV or ordered the distribution of flyers near the metro, it is impossible to track the effectiveness of investments (it is not clear how many people brought each advertising tool and how many of them eventually completed the order).
  6. An abundance of venues. To display ads, you can use not only Google search results, but also sites from the partner network, as well as the YouTube video service. In addition, the advertiser can display their ads on the Play Market gaming platform. This is especially true for the promotion of mobile games and applications.
  7. Quick start. Unlike SEO promotion in search results, contextual advertising works immediately – it can take only 1 day from replenishing the balance in the system to receiving the first orders from advertising.

Disadvantages of Google Adwords

  • Great competition. Since Google Adwords is the most popular contextual advertising system in the world, a huge number of advertisers use this platform. This means that competition (especially in popular topics) is going through the roof. Due to the fact that AdWords works on the principle of an auction (whoever pays the most gets clicks to the site), a lot of competition accelerates the cost of a click and advertising can be expensive.
  • Difficult to understand for a beginner. Setting up Google Ads is a rather complicated process that requires experience and knowledge. Independent launch of advertising is possible in niches with weak competition. For popular topics, especially in countries with a high cost per click (USA, Canada, European Union, etc.), it is better not to take risks and entrust this business to Professional PPC Specialist. Indeed, due to inexperience, you can quickly spend the entire advertising budget on inappropriate impressions and keywords.
  • Constant maintenance required. Just launching Google Ads is not enough, the system requires constant control from the advertiser, and the advertising campaign requires support. You need to permanently add new negative keywords to the lists, experiment with different target audiences, and conduct analytics. This is the only way to consistently earn income from advertising. In addition, new tools are constantly appearing in Google Ads that need to be mastered – for example, Google Performance Max (fully automatic advertising campaigns without the participation of the advertiser).
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