Use Video or Die: The Big Question for Business in 2017

Video advertising

Use video or die: the biggest question for businesses in 2017 Video is the most promising ad format. Every day, users view 1,000,000 hours of content. Cats, walkthroughs, news, advertising, celebrity life. Do you remember the Internet without video ads? Forget: a new era has arrived. We love video, we use video, and in this article I will tell you why you should join us.

Video? What video?

Short YouTube ads, Display Network videos, in-app videos… Google Adwords continues to look for new ad placements and offers advertisers 3 video ad formats: TrueView In-Stream, TrueView Video Discovery and splash ads. I am sure that you have come across each of them in reality, so I will give instructions on how the user interacts with each format.

1. Stream: in case of boring ads: wait tensely for 5 seconds, press “skip” and watch your series calmly. High-quality advertising – get carried away with the video, forget about the series, go to the site.

2. Discovery: watch what you want, it will find you by itself – in search results, in related videos, on the main page. You didn’t even notice, but you’re already watching ads.

3. Intro: the format is designed for branding, so if you encounter it, be patient: 6 seconds without the possibility of skipping it. And if you are lucky with good advertising, enjoy and fall in love with the brand.

Why is it needed? The average cost per video view is $0.002. Honestly.

In addition, video is a format that you need to spend money on only once. I have not lost my mind: even if you stop paying per view, video remains an eternal (as far as it is realistic for our time) resource that generates income. How? To start enjoying the benefits of video ads, you’ll need: In an ideal world:

1. Shoot a cool video for free and in 15 minutes.

2. Upload to YouTube.

3. Rake money with a shovel.


In our reality:

1. Tighten up and shoot an interesting video with good sound. Reshoot. Repeat the cycle 15 times.

2. Upload to YouTube, link accounts, carefully set up targeting, allocate a budget.

3. Wait and collect statistics.

And then? Everything we love: analyze and optimize. And one more thing: do not put off launching video campaigns until later. Today you can hook customers with an innovative approach, and tomorrow you will be like everyone else. Want an effective and classy video ad? Leave a request on the site

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