Improving Your Ad Quality Score: Simple Tips

Google Adwords Quality Score Contextual advertising

Ad Quality Score (QS) is a measure of how well an ad meets the user’s direct needs. It is measured in points from 1 to 10. The higher the level of AdWords Quality Score, the more valuable, from the point of view of the Google service, advertising for consumers.

Quality Score affects ad rank. Accordingly, relevant ads get high positions at a lower cost.


What is Ad Quality Score?

QS is used by the Google search engine to determine the degree to which an ad and a site’s landing page match a specific keyword. Each business entity strives to maximize the Google Adwords Quality Score for all key queries in their advertising campaign.

Ad rank is used by the search engine to decide whether to play ads and when is the best time to do so.

Ranking is calculated for a specific keyword based on:

  • Estimated CTR;
  • Ad relevancy;
  • Landing page scores.

What impacts Google AdWords Quality Score?

What influences your Ad Quality Score

Quality Score is directly affected by:

  1. The state of the landing page. Having clicked on the ad, the consumer should immediately understand what benefits await him in the event of ordering a service or purchasing a product. The landing page acts as a kind of continuation of advertising, so using selected keywords here will not be enough;
  2. Relevance of the advertisement. In the text, it is necessary to provide the most accurate information on the user request: what exactly is being sold and what benefits the buyer will receive. It is desirable that the company looks favorably against competitors;
  3. CTR. Displays the ratio of the number of clicks made to the number of ad impressions.

QS is indirectly affected by:

  • Historical click-through rate of the displayed URL;
  • Advertising performance by given geolocation;
  • Device type (for smartphones and PCs, there may be a different indicator).

Attention! The better the semantic core is formed, the text of the advertisement is written and the landing page is laid out, the higher the Google Ads quality score and the lower the cost per click. Therefore, the advertiser will be able to get more traffic with less budget. At the same time, it will not be possible to increase the Quality Score for money.

What factors do not affect Quality Score?

QS does not depend on:

  1. A pause in an advertising campaign. All campaigns are stored in Google’s memory. This statistics is taken into account even after several years;
  2. The presence of keywords on the landing page. A landing page that is literally crammed with search queries is unlikely to interest a potential client. The emphasis should not be on the abundance of key phrases, but on a clearly articulated selling proposition and a user-friendly interface;
  3. Removing low-frequency queries. This procedure will not influence the AdWords Ads Quality Score in any way, but it will help clear your account of unnecessary semantics.
  1. Extensions in declarations. They do not directly impact, but they can increase the click-through rate of the ad, as it becomes more attractive to the user. Thus, extensions influence the Quality Score only indirectly.

Which QS is considered optimal?

Optimal Quality Score

As already mentioned, the main task of any advertiser is to increase the quality score. However, getting the maximum level of 10 points is quite difficult.

To determine the optimal Quality Score in Google, you can use the following gradation:

  1. Score from 1 to 3. Search queries do not match the promotional offer and landing page at all. The advertiser should make changes to the settings of the advertising campaign (in particular, create a new semantic core);
  2. Score from 4 to 6. The campaign generates a certain number of clicks, but their cost is quite high. In this case, it is worth working on increasing the relevance of the ad;
  3. A score of 7. This is an average. It indicates that everything is in order with the business account, but it has something to strive for in order to reduce CPC;
  4. Rated 8-10. These results are excellent. They indicate that setting up the advertising campaign was carried out by qualified specialists who know their job.

How do I improve my Google Ads Quality Score?

There are several ways to improve your AdWords Ads Quality Score:

Increase ad CTR

An effective promotional offer should contain:

  • Detailed list of competitive advantages;
  • Information about ongoing promotions, discounts, bonus programs (only if they really exist);
  • Call to action (“Place an order”, “Buy”, “Call us”, “Contact now”, etc.).

In addition, you need to work on the types of matching search queries.

Increase ad relevancy

For each group, it is desirable to make several promotional offers at once. It will also be advisable to use dynamic insertion of key phrases in ad titles (use the {KeyWord:} operator for this).

Improve landing page quality

It is known that the relevance of a page to search queries is influenced by factors such as:

  • Optimization for mobile devices;
  • Correctly filled meta tags;
  • Having a privacy policy;
  • SSL certificate;
  • The presence of special sections on payment for products, their delivery to the customer and return in case of unsuitability.
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