Case: we advertise goods for decoration

Case: we advertise goods for decoration Cases

Hello everyone. My name is Yana Lyashenko. And I’m a Google Logistician. I am engaged in the delivery of the target audience of the business with the necessary parameters. My mission is to help businesses scale, generate profitable sales with the help of Google advertising tools. And on my YouTube channel, basically, we talk to you about Google automation and especially shopping ad campaigns, especially performance max. And today I also want to show you one of the team’s cases. Tell the nuances of the complexity of this niche. Maybe my advice will help someone. Who will help to orient, in principle, what to run or not to run. I am now releasing a whole series of videos about cases. Therefore, perhaps for someone it will be relevant, interesting.

General information about the advertised store

Look, the theme of this online store is the sale of home decorations. Something like this. That is, they are not essentials. These are not even objects, there, I don’t know, well, that is, this is home decor, conditionally. We have limits on the daily budget, and we have certain KPIs for the project. I took the last period of 30 days. October 31 – November 29. You see three performances. I will now tell you why they are interesting.

Why did I take one of these projects to demonstrate it in case studies? Because, if you look, there are no 100 thousand conversions, there are no transactions here, there is a profitability of 10,000, there are percentages or something like that, but still, this is an interesting project. Why? Because a significant part of clients, for example, come to me for personal consultations, and for most of them I give practical recommendations that need to be implemented. Some of these clients come in, for example, there are packages I have counseling there he is there for 2-3 months I support you in terms of individual counseling. Conditionally, this can be called mentoring, and those situations are very outrageous when you say that you need to protest. The client, he does not do this, and now I want to show this niche as an example. And the decor to sell, well, forgive me, in the conditions of a blackout, in the conditions of the war in Ukraine, in conditions when the salary is not high enough and the dollar exchange rate is 40 plus there, if it were possible to sell, but it’s difficult.

Well, if you, well, look, especially if we conditionally take not a well-known store, some branded one, there is a Rozetka or something else like that. And we take more or less such a stable project. Because yes, it is quite difficult. Therefore, I want to show you an example of this here to catch on, those nuances that I tell at the same consultations. You know that in my recommendations I say that it would be better if you launched by product types or initially divided this performance according to certain criteria. Look, here, for example, there is one type of product sitting in one campaign, here, for example, there are generally converting positions from several categories. And here, for example, “All products”.

Campaign “All Goods”. Running campaigns without an object without a signal

Here, let’s start with “All products”. Why is this ad campaign interesting enough? Now I’ll show you. Here, look, what is interesting about her in this advertising campaign? Interestingly, there is neither an object nor an audience signal in it.

Why do I want to use it as an example? Because this is one of those types of advertising campaigns that is very popular among a conventionally defined segment of tech professionals. Plus, this is the type of advertising campaigns that are easily created with the Merchant Center. That is, those who are subscribed to my telegram channel, I recommend that you subscribe, I often publish all sorts of such observational things there or something else like that promptly, so to speak. So I published there one of those texts that I tried to launch an advertising campaign of the Merchant Center itself in one of the advertising accounts. That is, there is the functionality of creating an advertising campaign of the Marchant Center.

Here is the trait that is automatically created there. Also, if you read recommendations for optimizing performance, if they usually didn’t rewrite this certificate at the time of recording this video for November 30, 22, then such a text will be written there, such as for those who have a Merchant center to add objects or add signals – this is not essential.

Also, I don’t know why, but in some complex niches, when clients come for an audit, I often find that specialists can launch this type of advertising campaign without an object, without a signal. It is not a mistake to run without a signal, without an object. This is a type of advertising campaign. He is not wrong. It’s right that you run it.

But the caveat is that it’s not, well, it’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of campaign, folks. This is not Facebook, as one of the clients who launched Facebook came in, he knows how to work with Facebook. There is a similar principle at work. That is, we look at it broadly and Facebook pulls everything out. But after all, in Facebook, covering Instagram Facebook is conditional. That’s right, two systems, conditionally. And in Google, forgive me, there are more than so many billions of sites, YouTube, sites, tovarka, Google search. There are much more of them and the audience per unit of time coverage can be much larger than the same Facebook. Although I will not argue, but if you look, well, it seems to me that there is involvement of Facebook, Instagram, she has been crying a lot lately, you might say. Because TikTok is now biting off a piece of its screen time, but not about that now. So they have a very different launch concept. It is right to launch this type of advertising campaigns at the beginning, but then in order to scale them you need to get out of three skins. Why? Because sometimes advertising campaigns can go into a deep minus when scaling. We scale according to certain criteria, conditionally. The first is, for example, the budget. The most elementary way to scale. But this kind of ad campaigns are very difficult to scale because they have no criteria for where Google wants and takes this audience. There are signals in these two advertising campaigns, but the presence of an object is not important for advertising campaigns that use, as in this case, the “Bidding” strategy type and target profitability.

Here, the presence of an object is more important for maximum conversions over the target cost per conversion, because there it can be shown in search. The more pretty extensions you have there, it is expanded there. The more beautifully written this ad is, the correct pictures are added, the better, of course, for the ROAS target, in my case, this is not very important. You see, I say that some of the clients are launched without a signal, we do this, that, that. Who does not do this at all, conditionally. Here’s an example for you. There are 52 transactions here, although, for example, the first one has more conversions and its profitability is much higher.

Focus on conversion products

One of the second recommendations I make is, for example, if you have a stable set of products you sell that are commonly referred to as “cash cows”. Who knows there, that is, there is a categorization table “dead dogs”, “cash cows”, “stars”, he knows what I’m talking about. If you have a stable set of dairy cows, we allocate them to a separate advertising campaign, as in this case the campaign is directly called “Conversion Tableware + Accessories”. 58 transactions – 771. This does not include goods from other categories, conditionally. This is where all of our products are. Here are dishes, all conversion. But, conditionally, why are we doing this? In order to, if you correctly single out this product range, because we have few conversions there at all, so we take them bit by bit, conditionally, we collect them. But, if, conditionally, you have a backbone of these products, which are converted quite regularly not by one conversion, but by more of them. There, for example, they make at least 14 days from 5 sales or more – that would be at least something straight. Of course, the more the better. We can say that they are conversion. For if you select products that have received conversions one by one there over the past 30 days, well, it’s not a fact that they will be these cash cows.

Perhaps, some of them are “asterisks”, some of them are “dead dogs”, some are just stray, some kind of story, conditionally. That is, it is not a statistical sample. You can do that, for sure. But, well, not the fact that it will work well enough. In this case, such a structure made 58 – 771% profitability. This is subject to, forgive me, a crisis, especially an energy one. When even people can’t buy something. We take the same Kyiv, which usually gave from 30% of all revenue as a standard, if we target the whole of Ukraine.

Must start with more than one campaign

Another of the recommendations that I usually give is what is probably best for you – to start not with one campaign, but, for example, to highlight some type of product or brand of product, or, according to some criteria, an additional segment of products to launch them in a separate performance and receive, understand well, they are converted or bad.

Usually, in such segments, we add another audience signal. The signal is already this thing that I’m talking about in the settings. You need it so that the system immediately finds out where, what to target. Such campaigns are easier to increase even in advertising budgets than those without a signal, without an object, nothing, conditionally. And as you can see, here’s the proof: 84 conversions, ROI – 1057.

Here you are, please, at least three classic recommendations that I give in my consultations, conditionally, which I recommend to implement on the part of the guys who come in. Will it be possible for you to find any turnovers there in the first week. Maybe yes maybe no. It depends very much on your landing page, on conversion and depends on your product.

Influence of product uniqueness and competition

The more competitors you have, the more likely you will have to share this big pie among everyone. The more unique the product, the more specific, the easier it is to sell it even to the same audience. As you can see, there are no competitors here. There are many advertising campaigns here, they have already been tested. There are no other types of advertising campaigns here. There are three active ones left, which are consistently delivering results in the face of a limited monthly advertising budget. Monthly limited it affects the daily, daily advertising budget limit. But these are at least the recommendations that I usually give to clients during consultations. Some do it, some don’t. I do not know why. How can you explain why you don’t, if you are faced with a situation where it is very difficult for you to sell, that is, they do not immediately go on sale, there are no volumes, conversions and other things. There is no need to assume that there is some kind of super tick, some magic there in the settings, which made some kind of incredible boom in advertising campaigns. You need to understand that, most likely, you are either in a situation of very high competition, when a big pie has to be divided into small parts, and the more competitors, the smaller part you will get.

Landing page conversion

Second, you need to understand whether the conversion of your landing page is sufficient, despite the fact that this client already has a whole series of iterations of site edits, you still see a conversion rate of no more than two. Well, now, if there were 3-4% there, it would be a little easier here. This is not a template site platform. So it’s a bit more difficult to make the same changes here.

Why do you still need to monitor the conversion of the landing page, but here you need to take into account that the specifics of some local events taking place in countries. Landing page conversion – it affects the user’s decision: whether to buy or not to buy. Buy or not buy, conditionally – this is very fundamentally important. Because the majority believes that if they added one photo, set the price, for example, the smallest, they can sell it. Well, the user, especially in such periods of crisis, the spring will be even more difficult, it seems to me, in terms of the economic situation. At least that’s what economists predict. Therefore, it is necessary to be more inflammable over such elements, it will influence its future, conditionally. The landing page affects most situations because people come to your site and a few more in parallel. How is Facebook advertising different from Google advertising? The fact that several offers are opened at once on Google, only yours on Facebook. Because the content is flipped in the context of focus on certain positions. That is, they went to your landing page, specifically make decisions whether to buy from you or not to buy. And Google has a selection.

You can, you can understand if you, for example, remember the last time you bought something through Google search. For example, the same generators were looking for either batteries, or a recharge system for the same wi-fi systems or flashlights. You can understand for yourself that the sample is large. Therefore, it affects the choice of the client. The better your landing conversion rate, the easier it is for you to run ads. In general, if we take a situation, we consider the Google logistician rule alone – when we have a competitive product, competitive purchase conditions, there are no inadequate competitors either in quantity or dumping very much, for example, in the children’s theme, strollers are the same, there, I don’t know they kill their niche by dumping each other a lot. Any advertisement, even a skewed one, will be very cool to convert. Now, if it doesn’t convert for you, then one of these chains is knocked out and already with the help of Google advertising, such iterations, segmentations, game settings, you are already adapting, adjusting to these three conditions that you have developed in this way. That is, making it easy to convert in pieces is not a problem. The problem is when three, there or four elements in this formula starts to fail, so to speak.

If there was an interesting case, the video is interesting – from you like. Because me and the editor – we try, we do. We try to make content quickly during power outages. Like from you less than a minute. It will be for us, we are very pleased. Well, see you in the new releases.

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