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Огляд конструктора сайтів Ucraft e-Commerce

In 2023, the influential Forbes publication included the Ucraft website builder in the list of the best IT products, putting it on a par with GoDaddy, WordPress and Wix. This indicates the high quality and efficiency of the service, which allows you to design high-quality websites without deep technical knowledge.

Ucraft is a designer for creating landing pages, business card sites, online stores and personal blogs. It offers unlimited hosting, affordable plans, and extensive capabilities for creating compelling visuals, making it an ideal offering for small and medium-sized businesses. In this review of the Ucraft platform, we will look at its main functions, advantages and use cases.

What is Ucraft?

What is Ucraft?

Ucraft is an innovative and multifunctional designer with which you can create high-quality web resources without programming or design knowledge. The WYSIWYG designer (What You See Is What You Get) has an intuitive interface and a wide range of tools for developing web resources of various types, from personal blogs to business projects.

One of its key features is the ability to create multilingual projects, which distinguishes it from competitors in this niche. Thanks to this feature, business owners can easily expand their audience and enter the international market by providing content in multiple languages.

Initially, the Yucraft Service was a small startup, but over time it turned into a powerful service for solving a wide variety of problems in the field of web design. It is great for both personal websites and commercial projects.

The service will be useful to Internet marketers, PR managers, service owners and entrepreneurs who want to promote goods and services via the Internet. The library ranges from simple templates for a photo gallery or blog to more complex structures for restaurants, medical institutions or businesses.

Advantages of the Ucraft website builder

  • Quality module for eCommerce. The service has an advanced module for creating your own online store, connecting various sales channels, marketplaces and social networks. Moreover, it provides a convenient mobile application for running your business anytime, anywhere.
  • Built-in CRM. The Ucraft designer has an entry-level CRM built into it, which creates a general list of clients, groups them and applies filters – this helps you better understand your customers and personalize interactions with them.
  • Abandoned cart tracking. You will be able to see all pending orders in a user-friendly interface and contact customers via email, informing them about personalized offers, discounts or bonuses. For example, you can set up to automatically send a series of abandoned cart reminder emails, including a special promotional code or free shipping.
  • Working together as a team. The platform offers convenient tools for organizing team work, which is especially important for agencies, freelancers and teams working remotely. You can easily invite colleagues or contractors by sending them an invitation via email and customize the access level and permissions for each participant.
  • Test period. Within 14 days you can fully work on your online project and learn all the functions, including the advanced e-commerce module. During this time, you can evaluate the convenience and flexibility of the product, test templates and functionality for the designer, set up integrations with external services, and even launch your online store in test mode.
  • Unlimited hosting. The platform also offers hosting services with unlimited traffic based on the reliable and high-performance Google Cloud infrastructure. In addition, it uses modern caching and loading acceleration technologies, which has a positive effect on user experience and SEO indicators.
  • Convenient tools. There is a logo editor inside that helps you create unique branding for your web project. In addition, Yucraft provides free SSL certificates to ensure a secure HTTPS connection, internal libraries of images and icons, as well as multilingual support.
  • Responsive technical support. You can ask your question in an online chat and get a quick and competent answer from real people, not bots. The support team is known for its friendliness, sense of humor and willingness to help solve any problems.

Are there any disadvantages to the Ucraft service?

Despite many advantages and strengths, the Ucraft service is not without some disadvantages:

  • Limited selection of templates. The catalog contains mostly one-page templates, and only about two dozen options are available for online stores. This is significantly less than other popular IT products, which limits the development of unique and attractive designs.
  • Interface complexity. The visual editor contains many controls and configurations that seem confusing and not obvious. Some options are hidden deep in tabs and menus, requiring time and effort to find and master.
  • It is impossible to reduce the tariff. If you decide to upgrade to a lower plan, you will have to create a new web resource from the beginning or transfer an existing project between accounts. This is due to technical limitations and the imposition of functionality on paid plans. However, such a policy is inconvenient and causes certain difficulties when changing site requirements.
  • Delays in the visual editor. Although the dashboard is fast and responsive, the block panel loads relatively slowly, which slows down the process of creating and editing pages. This is due to the technical features of the platform and optimization requirements on the part of developers.

Overview of the functionality of the Ucraft designer

Next in the Ucraft review we will look in detail at the functionality of the service to understand how suitable it is for the implementation of your ideas and projects.

Progress panel

Progress panel in the Ucraft service

It serves as a kind of interactive cheat sheet that helps you navigate the process of creating a website and track the current status of work. It is a checklist that clearly shows which sections have already been created and configured, and which are still missing for the full functioning of the web resource. Thanks to this, users, especially beginners, quickly understand what stage they are at and what they need to do to complete the work.

Each checklist item is a link that, when clicked, automatically takes the user to the corresponding work area. In addition, there is a question mark above almost every element; when you hover over it, a window with detailed explanations and tips pops up.

Visual editor

Visual editor of the Yucraft platform

Ucraft provides a powerful visual editor for creating web resources without writing code or deep knowledge in the field of web design. The WYSIWYG editor allows you to modify the visuals and individual functional blocks of websites thanks to a wide range of tools.

It is based on the Drag&Drop principle, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the design of creating a web resource. You can drag and drop various components from the standard set, arranging each section according to your needs and preferences, and also change the position, color, size and content of any block or widget, achieving the ideal appearance and layout.

The content of web pages is managed through a convenient side menu, which includes several key sections:

  • Dashboard. This is the admin panel where all the most important configurations are concentrated. Here you will find options for setting up pages, design tools, connecting a domain, various SEO options, integration with external services, etc.
  • Blocks. These are ready-made sections designed to solve specific problems. For example, this includes a navigation menu, footer, feedback form, etc. Using ready-made blocks speeds up website design time and ensures a professional appearance of the resource.
  • Elements. These are buttons, sliders, icons, small widgets and other interactive components. From them you can assemble individual blocks and build entire web pages, filling them with the necessary content.
  • Colors. The section allows you to manage the color scheme of elements and pages – you can create your own palette of shades and consistently apply it to all sections, achieving a unified and harmonious design.
  • Effects. Here, active animation is added when certain elements appear to make the web project more dynamic and attractive. Although the set of effects is limited and does not include step-by-step animations, the functionality offered should be sufficient to solve most problems.
  • Progress. The section serves as a guide for beginning web designers, helping them track their progress in setting up a website. All steps are organized in the form of links, which, when clicked, will redirect you to the appropriate section to complete the necessary actions.

Templates and design

Templates and design

The service has an impressive collection of several dozen templates, divided into categories. The composition and assortment of the library varies depending on the selected tariff plan. For example, for online stores there are about 20 ready-made layouts, which at first glance seems like a lot, but each of them is carefully thought out and optimized for effective online trading.

Before choosing a template, users can study it in detail using a live preview – a fully functional demo site that helps evaluate the design, structure and functionality of the layout. All templates have a responsive design, which means they will display flawlessly on different devices, be it smartphones, tablets or desktop computers.

The designer has an intuitive interface, so you can master it in just a few hours. Each block has its own set of configurations that help you align content relative to borders, add or replace images, assign a background color, and adjust the degree of transparency. In addition, built-in parameters allow you to show or hide a separate block depending on the geographic location or type of device of the user.

If you want to personalize the template, then there is a “Designer Tools” section, which consists of three parts: “Typography”, “UI Kit” and “Layout”. In addition, Yucraft offers more than 10 options for block display effects and a powerful color range.

The marketplace of ready-made templates has more than 80 options, divided into categories – blog, online stores, establishments, fashion, business, photography, etc. The editor offers more than 100 ready-made blocks for designing pages. One of them allows you to insert your own HTML code, as well as add CSS styles and JS scripts to increase functionality. In addition, there is everything you need to build high-quality landing pages: countdown counters, forms, social media buttons, pop-ups and much more.

Connecting an online store

Connecting online store functionality

The functionality of the online store is so powerful and diverse that it is practically not inferior to professional analogues specializing exclusively in e-commerce. The section has everything you need to control products, orders, clients and sales. In addition to the usual product cards, the service allows you to add related products, set up taxes, select delivery options, set discounts and collect extensive statistics to analyze the efficiency of the store. The module is developed at the highest level and provides many advanced functions:

  1. Ready interface. In it you will find a shopping cart, sections for displaying categories, filters for easy navigation through the catalog, cards for individual products and groups of related products. These elements are already optimized for high conversion and user experience, so you don’t have to waste time developing them from scratch.
  2. Teamwork. The function is designed to invite employees, freelancers or partners to collaborate, assigning them the appropriate permissions. For example, a designer is given access only to edit the appearance, and a sales manager is given access to orders and communication with clients.
  3. Customer base segmentation and CRM functions. You can divide customers into different groups based on their preferences, purchase history, and other criteria. For each, you can add individual notes, assign statuses and keep detailed interaction statistics.
  4. Analytics. You can track the number of visitors, product views, additions to cart, completed orders and much more. Data can be segmented by different periods (day, week, month, year) and analyze sales dynamics. In addition, there is information about the most popular positions, average bill, traffic sources and other important metrics.
  5. Bulk import. Uploading product information is possible from files in CSV, XCart or LiteCommerce formats. In this case, you choose which fields need to be imported (title, description, price, images, characteristics, etc.), and customize the file structure to suit your needs.
  6. Built-in marketing tools. You have the opportunity to launch advertising campaigns in systems such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads directly from the admin panel. It also supports the creation of coupons, discounts and gift certificates to encourage purchases. Automatic email newsletters will help you communicate with customers, inform them about new products, promotions and special offers.
  7. Support for multi-channel sales. The platform supports integration with popular channels such as Facebook Shop, Instagram Shopping, Google Shopping, eBay and Amazon. You have access to control over all positions and orders from a single panel, as well as data synchronization between different platforms.
  8. Integration with third-party services. Connection is available for PayPal, Stripe, Square, Authorize.net and other payment gateways, including regional payment systems. In addition, there is integration with delivery services – FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc., which ensures automatic calculation of the cost and delivery time for each order.
  9. Expanding functionality. The modules were developed both by the team of creators and by third-party programmers, which provides a wide choice and flexibility of configuration. Thanks to the modular architecture, it is possible to gradually increase the functionality of your store as your business grows and develops.
  10. Mobile application. It is designed for iOS and Android devices and provides access to key functions: tracking new orders, processing payments, communicating with customers via built-in chat and email, updating assortment and tracking statistics.

Logo editor

Logo editor

Its functionality is very simple and intuitive. You just need to select suitable icons or geometric shapes from an extensive library and add a text part. The editor supports the use of third-party fonts, so you can upload and apply your own unique font set for a truly authentic logo.

One of the main advantages is the option to download the finished file in PNG format for free. This means you can immediately use your new logo on your website, social media, printed materials, etc. If you require a vector version of the logo in SVG format for more flexible use, this option is also available for an additional fee.

This is a powerful tool for effective marketing campaigns and increasing conversions. With its help, you can easily design attractive and informative pop-ups that will definitely not leave your visitors indifferent.

At their core, they are simplified pages with their own title and URL. Here you can configure POP—APA shows by the time of visitors on the page, on specific URL addresses or in accordance with a certain mask.

What really distinguishes this designer of pop -up windows among analogues is wide variations in design and personalization. Inside the POP-UP, any element or a whole section in the classic editor is placed.

In addition, the use of layers is available to create complex compositions inside a pop -up window, adding animation effects to attract attention and even setting up shadows in pixels for each side of the window.

Opportunities for integration with third-party services

Opportunities for integration with third-party services

The designer offers more than 20 different integrations that can be easily configured directly from the control panel or in the editor. Among the available integrations you will find: Google Analytics analysts, Jivo and Livechat online consultants, DISQUS comments, PayPal button for receiving payments, Soundcloud music player and much more.

Thanks to a wide range of integrations, it is possible to connect advanced forms, commenting systems, social networks, photos from Instagram, organize postal newsletters and solve many other problems depending on the specialization of external services.


Unlike many other similar designers, Ucraft allows you to easily add content in several languages, while adapting the design to the specifics of each region and audience.

The process of creating a multi -loser site is extremely simple and intuitive. In the section “Languages” of the control panel, you can add the required number of versions by indicating for each of them the name, language code, short url code, region and flag icon.

In the “Pages” section, you will see the possibility of switching between languages, which allows you to work on each localization separately. You can create a unique structure and content for each language version, adapting the resource to the preferences and needs of the target audience from different countries.

The binding of individual domains to certain language versions of the site is also available. For example, you can connect the domain www.site.de with the German version, and www.site.fr – with the French. Thus, you can cover the audience from different countries and increase the brand recognition at the global level.

Payment and delivery

by default, Ucraft uses a popular PayPal payment acceptance system, which accepts payment from around the world. However, if you want to expand the variability of payment, Ucraft provides for receiving payments through bank cards through bank transfer or through a large list of local and international payment systems.

As for delivery, the user automatically gains access to the most popular logistics services in his region. For example, for Ukraine, the default system will show “New Mail”, “Ukrposhta” and pickup.

Own CRM system

The Ucraft functionality has its own CRM system-a convenient tool for managing relationships with clients directly from the admin panel. It allows you to view the general list of all registered users, group them by certain criteria, sort the list, as well as track active coupons and special offers.

In addition, it is possible to add new customers manually. This is useful if you receive applications or registration through other channels (for example, by phone or at a personal meeting) and want to save all the data in one place.

It is important to note that the built-in CRM system is a solution of a basic level that is suitable for small web projects and online stores. It does not give any special functions (for example, automation of marketing, sales funnels or integration with telephony are not provided). If you need more advanced functionality, we recommend that you connect AMOCRM or other popular solutions.

Opportunities for promoting the site on the Ucraft platform

Even the basic capabilities of the Ucraft platform will help you optimize the website for search engines, improve its visibility on the Internet and attract the target audience.

SEO optimization

One of the main advantages is centralized management of all SEO parameters in one section. This means that you do not need to configure meta-tags and other optimization tools for each page separately-everything can be done in one place, which significantly saves time and effort.

SEO-instrumentation is presented in the basic, but at the same time quite full. For each web page, you can specify: title, description (description), keywords (keywords), indexation parameters for Robots.txt and the page display in Sitemap.xml.

The competent filling of these fields will help search engines better understand the content and theme of your web project, which will positively affect its ranking in the issuance.

Blog management

Ucraft provides everything necessary for convenient and productive blog management, whether it is a personal or thematic project. All your publications are in the section “Articles” – it is possible to sort materials by categories here, which simplifies navigation and controlling content.

Material editor resembles a simplified version of Word, but at the same time has all the necessary functions for building attractive posts. With it, you can format text (headlines, paragraphs, lists, quotes, etc.), insert tables, images, videos, buttons and links, as well as add spoilers.

Separate attention deserves the configuration of the output of the blog tape. You can access the settings of the grid (the number of articles in the same row and on the page), the indentation between the previews, the design of posts and other visual parameters to create a unique and attractive blog design that will be distinguished against the background of competitors.


platform tariff plans

 The tariff plans of the Uraft platform

Platform Uraft offers flexible and various tariff plans that are suitable for online projects of any scale and orientation:

  1. free ($10/month) It allows you to create one basic web project, connect a domain, integrate analytics from Google and SSL certificate. However, branding will be displayed at a free tariff, and some section of Dashboard will not be available. You can add up to 15 web pages, but you will be limited by the basic set of elements.
  2. pro website ($21/month). The Pro Website tariff opens access to an unlimited blog, a complete set of sections and multi-language. You get all key integrations, as well as connecting a personal domain. A pleasant bonus when paying for an annual Pro WebSite tariff is a free domain for your choice. For receiving payments, 2 methods are available: Stripe and PayPal.
  3. multichannel
  4. Pro Shop ($69/month). The tariff allows you to place up to 1000 items, including electronic products. You get the possibility of multichannel sales and connecting more than 40 payment methods. In addition, Pro Shop has a mobile application and the possibility of publishing goods on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Ebay and other popular sites.
  5. White Label ($399/month). This is a unique offer that allows you to launch your own designer based on a platform without the need to hire a developer team. It can be used to develop sites or position it as a separate product and install your own price for services. The White Label tariff has the possibility of creating up to 100 web resources, connecting your logo and domain.
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