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Налаштування реклами Google на Wix Contextual advertising

More recently, the Wix platform, known for its multifunctional website builder, took another step towards users by launching the “Google Ads with Wix” feature. This integration allows entrepreneurs and marketers to create advertising campaigns directly from the Wix dashboard.

Thanks to this tool, setting up Google Ads for the Wix platform becomes easier and more effective. Users can create attractive advertisements directly within the platform’s interface, which helps attract potential customers who are actively looking for products or services offered by the company.

Benefits of setting up Google Ads through Wix

  1. Convenient step-by-step setup process. Even if you have not previously worked with the AdWords advertising account, setting up Google advertising on Wix will not take much time. In the admin panel on the Wix platform, you can find step-by-step instructions with tips on working with an advertising campaign at all stages – from choosing a target audience to creating attractive ads.
  2. Technical support service. Wix’s 24/7 customer support is ready to help with any questions or problems that may arise, both during the process of creating a website on this CMS, and when working with the Google advertising account.
  3. Built-in recommendations. When creating ads through Wix, the platform provides helpful tips. They are based on an analysis of a specific business, target audience and competitive environment. By following these suggestions, you can create more relevant ads that will increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.
  4. Full integration with the site. To track the activity of clients from advertising, you do not need to install additional extensions on the site; this functionality is already built into the platform. This ensures that more reliable data is obtained to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising.
  5. Bonus for new advertisers. If you haven’t used Google Ads before, you can get a bonus of up to $500 when you create your first campaign through Wix. To do this, you need to spend $500 on ad clicks within the first 60 days after the ad launches.
  6. Built-in reporting. The platform provides detailed statistics on clicks, conversions and costs. This information allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign and identify possible points of growth. In addition, you receive personalized recommendations for optimizing advertising campaigns based on system analysis.

What are the disadvantages of creating an advertising campaign through Wix?

  • Platform commission. When setting up a Google advertising campaign through Wix, the system retains 15% of the advertising budget as a commission. This means that only 85% of the money is actually spent on clicks, which can be a significant expense, especially with a high marketing budget.
  • It is not possible to connect an existing Google Ads account. It will not be possible to integrate your current advertising account with the service. You will have to create a new account and transfer the settings to it.
  • Functional limitations. Although the Google Ads with Wix interface is user-friendly and intuitive, some specific features of the advertising platform are not available. Therefore, for experienced internet marketers and contextual advertising specialists, working directly with the advertising account will be more convenient.
  • Platform dependency. If in the future there is a need to move the site to another hosting or CMS, you will have to re-configure contextual advertising, which can become a serious problem for large projects.

How do you set up Google Ads for the Wix platform?

Setting up Google Ads for the Wix platform

Thanks to detailed instructions and an intuitive interface, even novice users can handle setting up Google Ads for sites on Wix. To do this, go to the “Marketing and SEO” section in your personal account, and then open the “Google Ads” subsection. Then follow the instructions.

Stage 1. Preparing the site on the Wix platform

Preparing the site on Vicks for the launch of advertising

Before you run Google Ads on Wix, you need to make sure that the site meets the necessary requirements:

  1. Create and publish a website. Make sure it contains all the necessary information for visitors.
  2. Switch to a paid tariff plan in the system. Google Ads with Wix is not available in the free basic package.
  3. Connect your own domain. This is a prerequisite for launching contextual advertising. In addition, having a custom domain increases business credibility and improves brand perception.

After completing these steps, open the “Google Ads” section and click on the “Create an advertising campaign” button.

Stage 2. Set up campaign parameters and key phrases

 Setting up geotargeting

  • Define your landing page. Specify the Landing Page to which users will be redirected after clicking. Make sure that the landing page is relevant to the search engine user’s query. For example, if he is looking specifically for dry cleaning of sofas, you should not show him the main page of the cleaning company’s website with general information.
  • Specify your language. Select the primary language of the user interface for which ads will be shown. Please note that you can only select one language.
  • Decide on the location of your target audience. The system allows you to select a specific city, region, postal code, or draw a radius around a specific address on the map.
  • Set up a show schedule. Decide whether ads will be shown all the time or only during certain hours. For maximum audience coverage, it is better to show ads continuously, but if your goal is to increase the number of conversions, it makes sense to limit impressions to working hours.
  • Choose a semantic core. Enter up to 10 variations of keywords that match the products or services you are promoting. They will help potential clients see your advertising in Google search results.

After the advertisement is launched, all data is automatically synchronized with Google AdWords. Additionally, campaign information integrates with Wix Analytics and Marketing Overview reports, giving you a complete picture of the performance of your marketing efforts in one place.

Stage 3. Create ads

Creating ads for a Google advertising campaign

  1. Come up with 3 headlines and 2 descriptions for each ad. The title should be no more than 30 characters in size, and the description should not be more than 90. When writing text, keep in mind that the system can change the order of titles and descriptions if the automatic algorithm deems it appropriate. So make sure that all the options fit together and make sense in any order.
  2. Use preview. To the right of the text input fields, you can see how the ad will look in Google search results in real time. This will help you evaluate the visual component and make the necessary adjustments.
  3. Add a “Call” button (if necessary). If you want users to be able to dial your company’s number directly from search results, check the box “Show call button in ad.”

Step 4. Determine the budget and launch Google advertising on Wix

Set advertising budget

  • Set a daily budget. The higher it is, the more conversions you will receive. In the “Set your campaign budget” section, set your daily budget by moving the slider to the desired value. Below it will be indicated the amount that the system will deduct from your account every day and the approximate number of transitions.
  • Enter your payment information. To complete setting up Google Ads for your site on Wix, you’ll need to provide your payment information. At the same time, the system works on the postpayment principle. That is, funds for clicks will be debited from the card at the end of the day.

How to increase the effectiveness of Google advertising for sites on Wix?

Basic setup of Google Ads on Wix is only the first step towards successful business promotion. To maximize your return on investment and attract your target audience, you need to constantly optimize and improve your advertising strategy.

First, it is important to clearly define business goals and advertising objectives. What products or services will you promote? What audience are you targeting? What actions do you expect from users after visiting the site? Answering these questions will help you focus your efforts and make the right adjustments.

Selection of the semantic core

Properly selected keywords allow you to attract a target audience interested in your products and increase the likelihood of conversion.

When compiling a semantic core, use the following recommendations:

  1. Don’t promote many keywords within one ad. Typically, relevance can be achieved by adding no more than 7–10 phrases. Otherwise, the conversion will drop.
  2. Give preference to long-tail queries. Key phrases should most accurately describe your offer. For example, when displaying advertising for the request “almond milk coffee near me”, you can attract a much more relevant audience than for the request “coffee shop Kyiv”.
  3. Avoid duplicate keywords. If you added “order garage doors in Kyiv” to one group of requests, then you do not need to create a separate group for the phrase “garage doors Kyiv” because they will compete with each other for impressions. One search intent equals one ad group.
  4. Use negative phrases. They will help filter out irrelevant impressions. For example, if you sell ceramic tiles, add “paving” to your list of negative keywords.

Geographic targeting

  • If you provide local services, limit ad displays to a certain radius around your office or store.
  • If a company delivers only to certain cities, display ads only in these regions.
  • Consider the work schedule of your sales department, and also set up ad impressions so that they coincide with the time when your target audience is most active and ready to interact.

Ad texts

  1. Keep it short and specific. You only have 30 characters to grab the user’s attention and convey the essence of your offer. Use clear and concise phrases that immediately make it clear what you do and what benefits the client will receive after contacting.
  2. Include relevant keywords. Use the keywords you want to promote your site in your titles. This will increase relevance to the target audience and increase the likelihood of a click.
  3. Focus on solving the customer’s problem. Think about what problem your product or service solves. Reflect this in the title to attract the attention of interested users.
  4. Try the built-in AI-powered text editor. Wix allows you to generate descriptions and titles using artificial intelligence. After activating the tool, you will be offered several options from which you can choose the one that makes the most sense.

 AI editor

Advertising campaign budget

The more money you are willing to invest, the more often your ads will be shown to potential clients and attract their attention. For marketing activity to be effective and bear fruit, you need to allocate at least 5% of your monthly income to advertising.

At the same time, if you are just starting to master contextual advertising, try starting with a budget of $150 per month. The main thing is to choose a comfortable amount, which, at the same time, will ensure a sufficient frequency of impressions.

Work on website usability on Wix

Don’t forget that the effectiveness of advertising largely depends on the quality of the landing page that the user lands on after clicking. The general rule is that the content on the landing page should match the promises made in the ad.

Make sure that the information you need is easy to find on the page, and that the conversion process (registering for an event, purchasing a product, signing up for a service) is intuitive and convenient.

Also pay attention to the design and visual appearance of the site. A professional and attractive appearance increases user confidence and increases the likelihood of taking a targeted action.

Remember that creating a successful advertising campaign is an ongoing process. Monitor the results regularly, conduct an A/B test of two different versions of the landing page and choose the best one.

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