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Useful plugins for Shopify online store Shopify

Shopify is one of the most popular and functional platforms for creating online stores. It allows you to create attractive online stores without programming knowledge.

However, in order to reveal all the possibilities of the platform, the basic functionality is often not enough. In this case, plugins come to the rescue, which can be downloaded from the Shopify App Store. There are extensions from both Shopify itself and third-party developers.

We’ve put together a list of the best Shopify plugins for you to help you reduce bounces, improve your overall online store performance, increase your average check, increase customer loyalty, and increase your online business ROI.

What are plugins for Shopify?

Best plugins for Shopify

Plugins for Shopify are extensions that introduce additional functionality into the logic of the online store. They will help you transform your basic online store into a powerful, personalized and highly functional platform, and stand out from the competition by increasing conversions and orders.

Shopify’s app store has thousands of plugins designed to meet a variety of business needs. Plugins allow you to implement and automate many functions, from SEO optimization to easier order processing. There are appropriate solutions for managing stock balances, connecting third-party delivery services, integrating with external drop-shipping services, etc.

Best Plugins for Shopify Online Store

In the list of the best plugins for a Shopify store, we tried to collect the most popular extension projects among Ecommerce owners, which cover almost all the main aspects of an online business.

Tidio: Online Chat for Shopify

Tidio extension for Shopify

Tidio is one of the best tools for implementing live chat on the Shopify platform. With it, the online store operator can answer users’ questions in real time, solve their problems and help with the choice of the right product. Using live chat can reduce bounce rates, increase time spent on site and increase conversions.


  • Answering machine. It is possible to set up automatic answers to frequently asked questions, which allows you to get a response faster for the client and reduce the burden on the operator.
  • Integration with social networks. You can connect Facebook and Instagram to Tidio. Thus, the client can choose a convenient platform for communication.
  • Automatic alerts. When a visitor enters the site, the operator receives a notification.
  • Support for multiple languages. This makes Tidio a versatile tool that can be used for multilingual sites.

Tidio has a free plan with basic features, as well as paid plans with more personalization and advanced features. Their cost starts from $18 per month.

Growave Wish List

 Growave padding

This is a multi-functional Shopify plugin that allows the user to create a list of the products he likes in order to purchase them in the future. This helps to increase conversion and sales on the site, as well as make the store more convenient against competitors.


  • Analytical data to explore. Information about products in wish lists can be used to segment the target audience and set up personalized marketing campaigns.
  • Wishlist integration with recommended products. Growave allows products from a customer’s individual list to be displayed as recommendations on the site, making them more relevant.
  • Price reduction notifications. The plugin automatically informs customers about the price reduction for products from their wish list.
  • Works for unregistered users. This feature increases time spent on the site and interest in the store, even if the visitor has not yet registered.

There is a free version with basic functionality and a paid plan, starting at $29.99 per month. Premium plans include the ability to manage reviews, a loyalty program, and automated advertising campaigns.

Recharge: subscription plugin

 Recharge plugin

With this tool, you can sell digital and physical products with a monthly subscription on the Shopify platform. This approach increases customer loyalty, and for the seller it is a good opportunity to predict purchase statistics for the next month. Based on this data, you can make a decision to expand your business and better control costs.


  • Individualization. The customer can indicate how often he needs delivery of a particular product, as well as adjust the required quantity.
  • Notification system. The subscriber receives a message about the upcoming payment, changes in the cost of the subscription, and other important information.
  • Support for promotional codes and discounts. You can send special offers to the subscriber, which are built into the basic functionality of Shopify.
  • Analytics and reporting. Allows you to track the number of subscriptions, LTV and the total amount for each client.

The pricing system depends on the number of active subscribers. The basic plan starts at $39.99 per month and includes full features and support for up to 500 active subscriptions.

Frequently Bought Together Upsell Extension

Frequently Bought Together App

Using sophisticated machine learning algorithms, this plugin automatically offers customers products that are often purchased along with their selected items, thus incentivizing an increase in the average check and overall revenue.


  • Custom design. You can change the appearance of the block and its location of recommendations in accordance with the template of a particular store.
  • Supports discounts. You can set up a discount for additional products when buying the main one.
  • Own analytical system. Displays statistics about sales and conversions to evaluate performance.
  • Multilingual and multicurrency. Can be used even if your store operates in several regions.

At minimum turnover, free functionality is sufficient. If the company sells a lot, you can connect a premium package from $6.99/month and more.

Tipo: Booking plugin for Shopify

Tipo plugin for Shopify

Another of the best useful plugins for Shopify, indispensable for businesses offering appointment or booking services. If you sell master classes, consultations, tickets to events, rent equipment, this extension is a must.


  • Schedule management. An employee can see the records of his clients directly in the admin panel on the site.
  • Reminder system. A reminder is sent in the mail a certain time before the upcoming event. Tipo also sends a message to confirm the booking (in case the request was left by accident).
  • Calendar integration. You can add booked events to your Google or iCal calendar.

Small businesses have a free subscription option. For a monthly fee of $14.99/month, additional features are unlocked and more reservations are available for the period.

UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing Plugin

 UpPromote extension

With its help, business owners can create networks of partners who will sell their products on other sites. Now you can track sales and affiliate statistics within one platform.


  • Support for multi-level affiliate networks. Allows affiliates to earn commission from attracted referrals.
  • Setting the size of deductions. For different groups of partners, you can assign different payout percentages.
  • Branding. The ability to customize the appearance of the affiliate panel to suit your brand book.

Premium plans starting at $29.99/mo offer a referral program for partners, automatic approval of new affiliates and much more. If these functions are not needed, you can use it without payment.

Booster: Shopify SEO Extension

SEO App Booster

This is one of the best Shopify online store plugins designed to improve search engine visibility. When the built-in capabilities of the platform are not enough, Booster helps to make life easier for the SEO specialist.


  • Metadata optimization. Allows you to automate the creation and updating of meta tags for product pages, categories and blog articles.
  • JSON-LD. Using Booster, you can add micro-markup in JSON-LD format, which can be displayed in search engine results and positively affect organic CTR.
  • XML sitemap. Automatically generates and updates a sitemap to improve search engine indexing.
  • URL display control. Opens the ability to fine-tune the CNC URL for products and categories.
  • Monitoring 404 errors. In a handy panel, you can monitor the 404 server response to reduce errors in Google Search Console.

The monthly cost of using Booster is $39.99. A 7-day trial is available for new users.

Instafeed: displaying the Instagram feed on the site


Instafeed is designed to integrate Shopify with Instagram (display the feed directly on the site). Thus, you can inform the visitor about the presence of an account in the social network of the company, as well as increase the level of trust in the brand.


  • Fine-tuning. It is possible to configure the appearance of the ribbon based on the corporate identity of the company.
  • Responsiveness. Ensures the Instagram feed looks great on any device.
  • Easy installation. No programming knowledge required.
  • Tagging. You can link individual posts from Instagram to certain products.

All basic settings are available in the standard version. If you want to connect multiple Instagram accounts and use tagging, it will cost $19.99 per month. implementing testimonials Add-on for Shopify is designed to collect reviews from buyers and display them in Shopify. After the order processing is completed and the client receives the product, an email is sent to his e-mail offering to rate the quality and leave a review.


  • Inline widget. It can be displayed on any page of the store, which means that the user can write a review directly on the page of the purchased product.
  • Quality control. Only a real buyer can write a review, which ensures a high level of reliability.
  • Photo and video. You can add photos and videos to your comment to make it interactive.
  • SEO optimization. The plugin supports micro-markup, which improves visibility in Google.

Basic collection and posting of feedback is available free of charge. The professional package costs $15/mo and unlocks the ability to add video testimonials, as well as advanced widget customization.

GemPages: landing page builder


GemPages is a powerful and flexible Landing Page Builder. The built-in intuitive drag-and-drop editor makes creating highly converting landing pages easy, even for those who don’t know how to code.


  • SEO options. You can customize meta tags, CNC, structured data, and alt tags for images.
  • Shopify integration. On any landing page, you can also display individual products from the catalog.
  • Responsive design. The landing page displays equally well on devices with different screen resolutions.
  • Design templates. GemPages has its own library of pre-designed templates, eliminating the need for a long learning curve for this useful add-on.

The GemPages application is paid – the use costs from $15 per month. There is also an advanced package for $49, which includes A/B testing and integration with Google Shopping.

SendOwl: add podcasts and audiobooks

 SendOwl plugin

With SendOwl, you can sell digital goods (such as audiobooks). The application features easy integration and an intuitive interface.

Other options:

  • Automatic delivery. After payment, access to the download link automatically opens.
  • Protection against piracy. For example, you can add watermarks to PDF files. You can also limit the number of downloads.
  • Subscription. If necessary, you can choose a model with a monthly or one-time payment.
  • Advanced analytics. In the program, you can download detailed reports on all downloads.

The basic package will cost $9 per month. To sell by subscription, you need an already more advanced version for $15.

Profit Analytics & Benchmark: Sales Tracking Plugin

Profit Analytics & Benchmark

Powerful analytical tool Profit Analytics & Benchmark opens up the possibility to track profitability, optimize costs and compare results with the average in the niche.


  • Analyzes expenses. This includes investments in advertising, shipping, transaction fees, and product purchases.
  • Recommendations. You can see tips for reducing costs and increasing margins.
  • Automatic base generation. Sales enter the database automatically, there is no need to fill it in manually.

Profit Analytics & Benchmark has a trial period of 2 weeks, after which you need to switch to one of the paid plans, from $29 per month and above.

Returnly: processing returns


Supplement for processing returns on Shopify. In this case, the buyer can issue a return independently, for this the participation of the seller is not required.


  • Automation. Return of products is carried out automatically, from the creation of the application to the payment of funds.
  • Branding. The interface of the page on which the return is made can be designed in the corporate style of the company.
  • Options to choose from. The returned amount can be left on the balance in the online store, you can also exchange a product that did not fit or return the entire amount to the card.

If you want to decide if the Returnly functionality is right for you, a trial period is available. Next, you will be provided with an individual price offer, for which you need to contact the support service.

Clever: Google Ads & Shopping Feed for Product Ads

Google Ads & Shopping

Uploads the product feed to the Google Merchant Center in real time (if there are any changes in the catalog, the information is synchronized). You can also manage Google Ads advertising campaigns from your Shopify account.


  • Feed optimization. Allows you to add Google tags, as well as optimize product titles and descriptions for better search visibility.
  • Control of the Republic of Kazakhstan. You can create an AdWords campaign directly from the Shopify interface.
  • Multicurrency. Trading in various currencies is supported, which is relevant for international trading platforms.

The basic version can be used free of charge. And for additional functionality, you will need to pay extra $20 / month. Then the administrator will be able to optimize the feed and manage advertising campaigns.

Pushowl: Shop Push Plugin


PushOwl is a push notification app for Shopify. Messages will appear on your desktop or smartphone and encourage you to make repeat purchases. Notifications can be set up for those who added products to the cart and did not pay for it, or send information about new products to the entire subscription base.


  • Segmentation. The target audience can be divided into groups by sending a different version of the message to each group.
  • A/B Testing. Monitor the effectiveness of each notification to see which worked best.
  • GDPR support. If your online store operates within the European Union, it is important that it complies with GDPR and other international privacy standards.

The basic plan allows you to send 1000 push notifications per month. The advanced plan for $19 monthly includes unlimited notifications, audience segmentation and A/B testing.

Etsy Integration: integration plugin

Etsy Integration Plugin

An add-on for synchronizing an online store on Shopify with the Etsy marketplace. You can control stock balances, synchronize sales and catalog positions on both platforms.


  • Order management. If an application goes to Etsy, the administrator sees it in the Shopify admin panel. This allows you to manage all your sales from one place, without having to keep both windows open.
  • Adding products to Etsy from Shopify. It is no longer necessary to upload products to both stores.
  • Support 24/7. The developer provides it by phone, via online chat or e-mail.

There is a trial period for new users. Further, you will need to pay from $20 / month for use.

Klaviyo: E-mail and SMS campaigns


With the help of Klaviyo, the store administrator can connect tools for e-mail newsletters and SMS marketing.


  • Segmentation. Allows you to divide the target audience into groups, depending on the history of orders, behavior on the site and interests.
  • Automation. Mailing can be carried out without the participation of the seller when certain events are triggered.
  • Integration. Customer and order data in the app is fully synced with Shopify.
  • Reporting. You can track email opens, link clicks, conversions, revenue, and other performance metrics.

Up to 500 emails per month can be sent for free. Premium plans start at $20 per month. In addition to increasing the limits, they also support mailing automation.

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