Klaviyo Platform Review

Klaviyo Platform Review Marketing

Email marketing automation, audience segmentation, content personalization – all these essential aspects of effective online advertising are combined in one solution, the Klaviyo platform.

Klaviyo was originally developed as a tool for email marketing, but today it is a complete solution for attracting and working with the target audience via email, SMS and social networks.

What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is an advanced email and SMS marketing platform, especially in demand among online store owners. The service makes it possible to use a whole set of tools that facilitate communication with customers and potential buyers.

An important advantage of Klaviyo is deep integration with popular e-commerce platforms – Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce and many others. Thus, using this service, advertisers can easily collect and analyze data about customers, their behavior and preferences.

The collected data is used for audience micro-segmentation and content personalization. The platform automatically generates offers based on demographics, behaviors, and other metrics, making it easy to create highly targeted campaigns.

Klaviyo supports multiple communication channels – email, SMS, social networks, which allows you to set up cross-channel campaigns through one control panel. Also, the platform provides advanced online marketing automation capabilities, allowing advertisers to launch complex communication chains based on user behavior and other triggers.

Klaviyo Email Marketing Platform Benefits

The Klaviyo email marketing platform is very popular due to a lot of important advantages:

  1. Deep integration with popular CMS. Klaviyo is compatible with major ecommerce platforms (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc.). This allows you to easily import data about customers and their interaction with your site into the system from an online store.
  2. Audience segmentation. It is provided based on demographic data and user behavior, which allows you to create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.
  3. Automation. Using the service, you can set up an automatic sequence of letters and messages that will change depending on specific actions or behavior of customers.
  4. Cross-channel marketing. You can use SMS, emails and social networks to organize a single, consistent communication with customers at all stages of their interaction with the brand.
  5. Detailed analysis and reporting. The dashboard provides in-depth analytics across all ad campaigns to help you effectively track their performance and ROI.
  6. Customizable email design. An intuitive and powerful editor allows you to create emails that look very professional without coding or web design skills.
  7. GDPR support. The platform is well-suited for the European Union market due to the increased attention to privacy and complies with all GDPR standards.

Are there any drawbacks to the Klaviyo service?

Despite the rich functionality and many advantages, it is important to review the disadvantages of the Klaviyo service, which can be decisive for some users:

  • Cost. It’s a premium service with a high price tag and advanced features, which may prevent startups or small businesses from taking full advantage of it.
  • Setting complexity. Novice marketers may need help setting up Klaviyo or online training on all of its rich features to get it set up effectively. At the same time, there are enough training videos and text materials on the Internet to help solve this problem.
  • Not compatible with all platforms. Although there are a lot of opportunities for integration, Klaviyo may not support some little-known or highly specialized e-commerce platforms.
  • Load time. When working with large amounts of data, the service can “slow down”, which creates some discomfort when working with it.

What tools does Klaviyo work with?

With Klaviyo, you can use several marketing tools at once – this is a real harvester that provides cross-channel interaction with the target audience.

E-mail automation

Using automated email chains, you can establish continuous interaction with customers and potential buyers, which will significantly increase audience engagement and conversion.

The Klaviyo control panel has a set of ready-made automation scripts (flows) that can be easily customized for the specifics of a particular business:

Examples of email automation in Klaviyo

Most popular scenarios include a welcome email series for new subscribers, shopping cart return chains, order date-based email sequences, and more.

Automation allows you to use conditions, filters, behavioral triggers to create complex multi-stage sequences in order to personalize your newsletter.

 Automation Chains

SMS campaigns

SMS marketing is needed today to diversify the channels of interaction with the audience. You can use an additional touchpoint with the client with instant feedback and 100% read.

 SMS marketing

With Klaviyo, you can send individual SMS or set up sequences, depending on customer behavior, audience segment and other parameters. You can also send MMS with an image added to the message.

The system can automatically select the preferred communication channel (e-mail or SMS), depending on the preferences and behavior of the client, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Forms to collect subscribers

The platform provides an intuitive builder that allows you to create professional and attractive subscription forms without the need for knowledge of code or layout.

Web Form Builder

You can customize everything from the appearance of the form to the text of the CTA (call to action) to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Additionally, you can choose the conditions for displaying forms: by time spent on the site, by the number of pages viewed, depending on the traffic source, and so on. This helps to show the subscription form at the right moment and to the right visitors, thereby increasing the conversion.

The data collected using the forms is immediately entered into the Klaviyo database and can be used for audience segmentation, automatic launch of email and SMS campaigns, as well as for other marketing purposes.

Klaviyo service features overview

Among the digital tools competing with it, Klaviyo has the widest capabilities. Getting to know them will allow you to better understand how you can integrate them into your marketing strategy and what benefits this can bring to the business as a whole.

Subscriber segmentation

The process of dividing your audience into smaller groups, or segments, based on demographics, behavior, preferences, or purchase history allows you to provide the most targeted and personalized communication with each client, increasing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Klaviyo has built-in advanced features for dynamic audience segmentation. All these segments can be combined with each other – for example, to separate into a separate group of users who made a purchase in the last 30 days and viewed a page with new products.
Audience segmentation in Klaviyo service

You can also create segments based on real-time user actions. For example, you can create a segment of those who just added a product to their cart but did not make a purchase and send them a special offer.

Library of ready-made e-mail templates

Ready-made email templates make life much easier for an online marketer, allowing you to focus on the strategic aspects of work (analytics, personalization, etc.), instead of wasting time on email design and layout.

Klaviyo has an extensive library of ready-made templates, specially designed for various purposes and communication scenarios:
E-mail template library

The templates are designed according to the best web design practices and display correctly on any device, from PCs to smartphones. The range includes templates for welcome emails, newsletters, abandoned cart recovery reminders and more.

Visual email editor

The tool works on the drag-and-drop principle, allowing you to drag individual blocks to the selected location. With it, you can add, remove or move text blocks, images, buttons, separators, etc. in one click.

You can also customize the fonts, color, text sizes and other parameters of each element in the editor to match the style of the brand or a specific task:

Visual email editor powered by Klaviyo

One of the key features of the visual editor is the ability to use dynamic content. In this way, you can insert variables into emails that will be replaced with specific values for each recipient (for example, his name or the name of the last viewed product).

Image Hosting

Built-in image hosting simplifies the creation of newsletters and reduces the load on the server where the files of the online store are stored. The functionality allows you to upload and store images, as well as use them for any task in Klaviyo.

Images can be added as JPG, PNG or GIF and then easily integrated into email or subscription form templates. All pictures are automatically optimized to provide the best display quality and optimum download speed.

Facebook follower segmentation

Facebook integration allows you to sync follower data to Klaviyo and create dynamic segments based on various parameters and criteria. In this way, you can maximize the ROI of targeted advertising campaigns on this social network.

In addition, Klaviyo allows you to create “Lookalike” audiences based on existing segments, which helps you expand your target audience and attract new potential customers similar to those who previously interacted with your advertising campaign.

Integration with other platforms

The service integrates with all popular CMS for online stores (Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce), with which you can automatically synchronize customer and transaction data to create personalized marketing campaigns.

In addition, integration with a number of CRM systems, analytics systems, email marketing services and other tools is available. For example, the ability to combine data with Google Analytics, Salesforce, or Zendesk and Slack services has been implemented to improve customer interaction and teamwork.

But this is not a complete list. In fact, there are many more such tools:
Web Application Integration

A/B testing

Using built-in capabilities, you can optimize the performance of your email campaigns with A/B testing. For example, you can compare two versions of the same email with minor modifications to see which version gives the best results.

Split testing

Klaviyo allows you to experiment with email subject, text and visual content, design, call to action, send time, and more. After conducting A / B testing, you can analyze the results using built-in analytics and implement changes to increase engagement, CTR and conversion.

Embedded Analytics

Using convenient graphs and charts in the admin panel, you can track the degree of engagement (open emails, clicks on links), conversions, mailing profitability, as well as more complex performance indicators – LTV (customer life cycle), ROI (return on investment), etc.

Analytics tools

Analysis provides an opportunity to more closely examine the behavior of different subscriber segments, the response to different types of messages, the effectiveness of various communication channels and other aspects of customer interaction.

Summaries of the received data are easily configured for specific business tasks and can be automatically sent to the advertiser’s e-mail according to a specified schedule. Thus, you will be able to respond to changes in the behavior of the audience in the shortest possible time.

The cost of using the Klaviyo platform

Cost of use is one of the key factors when choosing an email marketing platform. Klaviyo has several tariff plans for different needs and budgets.

Prices for using Klaviyo

To get acquainted with the service, there is a free plan that includes basic features. With it, you can send up to 500 emails and up to 150 SMS per month. There are also premium plans, which are divided into 2 groups – “Email”, as well as “Email and SMS”.

The choice depends on what features the advertiser needs. The fee for using the Email tariff starts from $45 per month, with a subscription base of up to 1500 people. With more users, this amount grows.

Email and SMS plan starts at $60/mo. This amount includes sending 15,000 email messages to an audience of up to 1,500 subscribers and up to 1,250 SMS. With more active use, you will need to pay extra.

The subscription price includes all platform features, including automated emails, A/B testing, audience segmentation, built-in analytics, etc.

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