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Hello everyone. My name is Yana Lyashenko. I am a Google Logist. And in today’s video, we will not look at the optimization of trade advertising campaigns, but search campaigns.

Project description. Objectives. What did the client

come with

We have a project. People are engaged in making stairs, railings, stairs in private houses. Their task is to generate phone calls. Ideally, they would like to make 10 phone calls.

What did the client bring to the consultation? In general, the client came with approximately the following picture, that is, of a launched advertising campaign. The wrong keywords were selected, but conditionally. The only nuance that the client made in error is that he launched the maximum number of conversions without goals or there was only form_submit. Of course, we have form_submit, which is very small and very difficult for the system to target with such a bidding strategy as “Maximum conversions”.

We have unlimited “Maximum conversions” strategy type. A great, great startup strategy for a phone-based business. The only thing worth considering is that the fewer conversions, in principle, are recorded for this strategy, the less effective it is, in principle.

Adding phone call targets

That is why the client was asked to add really normal and adequate goals, which are called Call tracking – in our case, Call requested is a request for this phone call and Call received is a directly received phone call.

That is, this system of dynamic call tracking allows you to record real phone calls that were made. That is, no clicks on phone numbers or no clicks. Plus, it seems that I asked the client for a moment to fix the landing page a little, in order to encourage people to call more often.

Results after changes made by the client based on recommendations

What did the customer do? If you just look at this graph, what was before and has simply become elementary. A much better situation is visible. Even if I now take April 17 to 30 there on the 29th, there were probably no clicks. We have literally 12 conversions in just this small period, somewhere until April 27, in 10 days, of which 10 are phone calls Call requested, Call received. And look at the conversion price of UAH 420.

Well, of course, it can be quite expensive, but compared to what it was. And in the absence of phone calls at all, where we did not see conversions – this is really progress. The client received calls on his phone. Now the client wants to increase this number to 10 per day. Well, that is, not to receive one phone call in 10 days, but to do it already. Well, plus, of course, we would like to lower this conversion price. And what to do next with this, with these campaigns? So we will consider all this with you now.

Determining the cost of conversion in the “Maximum conversions” strategy

In order for us to continue working with this strategy in principle, it would be desirable to ideally determine for yourself the value of the price per conversion that you are willing to pay. Because you and I will continue to use this automatic “Maximum Conversions” strategy for most projects. It is the most optimal.

Yes, of course, if you want to break into the auction aggressively, get some first clicks, applications, etc., you can start with manual prices per click. But in this case, we will continue to use “Maximum conversions”. Moreover, you yourself see the result before and after. But we would like to reduce this cost per conversion with you. I think for 400 hryvnias in principle, the sale may be profitable for the client. But if you still want to reduce it in the future for various reasons, then consider that you need to calculate this conversion price.

In services, this amount can be quite different. Someone wants 150, 200, someone is even ready for 1000 hryvnias. just receive a phone call. This rests on the average check, your conversion, order and more. Of course, the more phone calls, the more sales, of course. All because the conversion will be and in principle it will be easier to pay even more for the value, for the call.

How to calculate the minimum budget?

Because if we just count now, and the nuance is that we want to increase from 10 phone calls in a week to 10 a day and have the same cost per conversion, then you should use a simple elementary formula , which sounds like: the price per conversion multiplied by the number of conversions equals the minimum allowable budget.

That is, if hypothetically, theoretically, we would like to receive 10 conversions, then our daily budget should be at least 4200. 4200 advertising costs. But given that we’re going to start with Maximum Conversion, we’re going to want to make it more stable, more predictable, so that we don’t have a situation where we’ve spent 4,200 and we don’t have conversions. And tomorrow we spent 500 and we had 10 conversions there, so it is desirable to go to this number gradually. Maybe the client will be able to do it in 10-14 days, maybe it will take a little longer, depending on how his work goes, of course.

That is, first you need to understand that the most elementary way to increase the number of leads is to increase the budget. All. Everything is very simple, quite primitive. More budget – more clicks to the site, more clicks to the site – more conversions. But here you have to take into account the conversion price, the gradual increase. We will get to that now. I will now tell you how to do it.

Why should you lay down a reserve of funds in the minimum budget

That is, they simply fixed in their heads – we want three calls a day – there must be an appropriate budget. That is, if we see here a budget of 413 hryvnias, 413, then it will approximately be somewhere from 0.5 to one call per day on average. Well, in principle, we got that much. Why does it fit into advertising costs and this price per conversion? Because it is necessary to take into account that in order to make at least one conversion, a reserve in the budget is needed. Well, at least 50-100 hryvnias on top of this budget in order for us to have one stable piece of conversion per day. We just here, where we had 0.5 somewhere, here there were three conversions, here there was one. There were three here, two here.

That is, in reality, the price for the conversion was lower than 420. We simply take the weighted average and we will continue to operate with you using only this weighted average. The system does not yet have at least 50 conversions per week. There is still no understanding for which keyword it can make these 10 conversions, and for which it cannot. And it will always think in terms of these weighted averages that you have at the campaign level or at the ad group level, where we’ll get to that later.

Methodology of increasing the budget

So that you keep in mind that first of all you will try to increase conversions by gradually increasing this daily advertising budget. I would personally recommend increasing this daily advertising budget. In this case, it is very important, in the following format: first, you try to increase this budget to about 2.5 conversions. That is, we have UAH 420. for the last, conditionally, 7 days, because they were simply not advertised here. I take the last 7 days. We always take the last 7 days. You can take a longer period, for example 14 days. But this is on the condition that your conversions are growing. That is, if conversions fail in the last 7 days, then only the last 7 days should be selected. We see these 420 hryvnias. If I just put them on my calculator, now I just multiply them by 2.5 on the calculator and I will get 1052 hryvnias.

If you are suddenly afraid that there will be some nuances in overspending after this moment, when the advertising campaign has stopped here because the budget has run out, you can in principle only increase it to one and a half. That is, 420 multiplied by one and a half – 630 hryvnias. You can start with up to 630. Remember that Google allows itself to overspend your advertising budget twice as long as we do not have at least 50 conversions per week. Let’s go in such a way that the light one goes, well, at least 15, 20, 50 is super straight, the optimum in general. Any advertising campaign flies there then. It moves up and down very easily. Costs can easily be doubled or tripled without loss of quality. We don’t have these conversions here yet, but they have gone fairly steadily. What it would be desirable to do, you can increase by one and a half. It is optimal in 2.5, but if you increase it in 2.5, but you see that you have very inadequate expenses – reduce the budget. Do not wait for this period, because everything is automatic after we increase the budget for “Maximum conversions” there will be a piece of time when, now I will show you such an interesting schedule.

Chart of the “Maximum conversions” strategy

Let me draw something like this for you now. It will not be pretty enough, but conditionally. This will be our cost. We will have pieces. What we are striving for will be things. Maybe someday I will draw it beautifully, but conditionally. That is, when we ask with you… Well, that is, let’s say, here is our perfect picture.

It is for us to move like this, right. At first, we will have few things, and then we will have more things. If you pay attention to this graph, you will see that as soon as pieces grow – that’s right, the cost grows. This is “maximum conversions”. A very primitive strategy, if you understand how it works, then you will be able to cope with this strategy in any project.

That is, if, for example, we want to be somewhere here, because this is where this conversion price is beneficial to us, we must be prepared for the fact that we will have a certain limitation in things. This is a certain limitation in things that we still have to reach and we will not take it into account here. That is, if we take our number, if we first try something like this, it will work – this is “Maximum conversions”. She always works like that.

Change in CPA (Cost Per Action)

If we try to ask, increase the budget in it, you should be ready for the next situation. You will have it move roughly as follows, that is, first the cost of CPA, that is, the price per conversion, called Cost Per Action, the price per action. CPA will be very high at first and conversions will be very few. But then during this period of time, it usually takes no more than seven days on average, there is no point in advertising for more than seven days if you have a user to call you, call if we were aiming for sales of some kind – it would be a longer period. If we only need a phone call and, for example, a person makes a decision in the first 7 days – he will call, he will not call, because on average you can wait 30 days. But then the price of the question is money.

We take, for example, in 7 days. In 7 days, this schedule can change as follows. Our eyes, here they are. The price per conversion, it will sink, fall to a certain level. Well, because we want to keep these things, because in principle, maybe if we start playing with the CPA limit there, the CPA may still beg. But things can also fall on us. So that you understand.

Definition of comfortable consumable part

That is, or you are ready for the fact that there will be some rather significant expendable part at first, but that it will be comfortable for you. Because Google is a bottomless barrel that can spend money anywhere. Well, that is, there is a bottomless source where you can pour money. That is, or you increase by 2.5 and wait for this period of decline. It should be – this is a minimum of 7 days, but then the price of the question is in money. If you are not comfortable with such an amount, reduce it to one and a half. Just waiting.

For example, in this situation against the background of the fact that the client there did not replenish the advertising account. First, she starts again with the same budget, at least two or three days before. If she gets the same analytics for these two or three days as before – great, great, then we can move in 2.5 or 1.5, depending on your budget possibilities. This is if it is done according to this advertising campaign, taking into account the fact that the keywords and everything else have already been adjusted there. That is how you move.

Options to reduce the price per conversion

If you want to reduce this cost per conversion, you have two options. The first – or you will replace this budget, for example, you will also spend somewhere in half again in this seven-day period. Conversions will be significantly less. The ratio here remains the same, but the price per conversion will drop. If you collect at least 10-14 days this new price per conversion, then bid for the conversion that was 7 days ago, increase the budget proportionally. That’s it, you only grow with the budget. If your task is to maintain a balance between lowering the price per conversion and increasing the number of conversions, then let’s start with this budget. Then because of what I said before.

Analysis of existing ad grouping

Furthermore, we will now delve into this advertising campaign. I will show you the mistakes that were made in the beginning that you should not make. Plus these mistakes, they will be relevant for the future, so the principles are the same. And we will consider some more optimization points.

We have three here… I’ll remove the segmentation now to make it a little more convenient. Here’s how many we have, three groups of ads, these three are railings, visors, canopies and stairs. It is important to remember that at a certain point in the life of this campaign, the more conversions you collect or the cheaper the cost per conversion you need, the more likely you are to move some ad groups to separate campaigns. This is always the principle.

Of course, in the general campaign, Google feels quite good there. It will convert well in general campaigns. But, once again, if your task is to point-wise increase conversions for a certain type of requests or reduce the price per conversion, because as we can see here, railings cost 509, visors – 548, and only stairs – 247 UAH. price per conversion. At the same time, Google poured much more budget into the railing than into the same stairs. And, for example, if something happens over the railing, well, there will be a lot of phone calls, but they are incorrect. It may not be targeted or expensive, or there will be some other reason, so it is not so much necessary to stop these railings as to try to take the stairs into a separate campaign. But you can do it a little later and nothing critical will happen.

Errors with keywords on the example of the “stairs” group

Now we will enter these stairs. We have 4.5 conversions here. I would like to focus on some of the mistakes that were made before that. Always look at your keywords in terms of what you do, what you don’t do. Here, for example, as I told the client last time, it is not necessary to run this keyword stairs. So if I take the period that we had more, filter by cost, then it will be seen that a total of UAH 700 was spent on the “railing for the stairs”. Yes, there are no conversions here. There are simply “stairs”. Yes, 484. “wooden stairs”, “metal railings” and went in a different way.

The first mistake is that the railing and stairs were in the same group. Well, that is, it is desirable to separate them after all. Well, because the check for the railing can be much less than for the stairs and vice versa, depending on who the customer will be. Right? This time. Second, we must remember that if we remain on automation, the system aggregates analytics at the level of keywords, ad groups, and campaigns. That is, if you want to scale the stairs in the future, you will not be able to, because you have, for example, converted railings.

Well, the second question is just a logical one, it’s just a “stairs” request. What people wanted on request “stairs”. What stairs? To the house? To a restaurant? I do not know. It’s just a step, a kind of rise. They just want photos, they wanted to see them. Where do you go? In the attic, on the second floor, in some rich palace of Yanukovych. It is not clear where to go. Well, there are at least some wooden stairs. You can, for example, not make a metal railing there. Right? You make only wooden stairs. So you pay attention to this, because the quality of the added keywords depends, in principle, on the cost. Because if you make wooden stairs, it would be desirable to have a separate campaign, for example, which will not be a campaign, here is a group of ads for “wooden stairs”. Well, the “railings for the stairs” should sit in the “railings” group, but not the “stairs”. That is, I would recommend excluding this keyword here. Why do it? Because you will write a separate advertisement and it will be easier for you to write it when you have the same type of keywords in a specific group of ads.

The second moment. Try very carefully, so to speak, to group these keywords according to their essence. Yes, because there are, for example, “stairs to the house”, and there are “wooden stairs”. Most likely, if you google “stairs to the house”, it will be something in the private sector, something on the second floor. Such a big order. Because the stairs are wooden – they can be some kind of wooden rungs, these are as primitive as possible. It could be something in the attic. These can be the same stairs to the house. It can be anything. Right?

And here’s the request “Price of the staircase”. Yes? It already includes the question that I already want to buy. I or I am focused on buying but I’m looking for prices why they are now. And for example, an extra keyword that may sound, for example, “order wooden stairs” and/or “ladder production”. This is a straight line as much as possible.

Optimizing this advertising campaign

What am I leading to? I would ideally see you have one separate advertising campaign. Let it be called “stairs”, but it sat in several groups of ad. The first group, let it be “wooden stairs”, your “ladder tree”, “wooden stairs”, something like that. Once.

Second, for example, you would have a group of ads that would “order stairs”, “production of stairs”. Yes? What other requests can people be in? “Cost of stairs”, “Price of stairs”, “Metal production”, and ladders. What a person should go, if it is straight, imagine the situation, you need to order this thing urgently. Here’s a straight burning. I don’t know, there is money. It is necessary yesterday. So they will, will go “railing on the stairs”? Maybe. But most likely a person will be straight to order or “wooden stairs to order”, or there “metal manufacture”, something like that.

that is, you should have a separate group of keywords with such a type of request. Why? Because in the future you will be convenient to understand enough traffic or not enough traffic, they need to increase budgets or not. Because, if we are just filtered on the conversion of this group “Stairs”, we will see that two conversions, that is, two conversions made the key word “staircase production”.

At the same time, look at what cost for conversion – 45 UAH. In general, beauty. But I think you can get more here. Because there were only 94 impressions here, and the system during this whole period, based simply on its understanding, where to target, for example, 1000 shows on a “railing on a staircase” spent. 1371 on “Old Stairs”, 800 on “Price of Stairs”. And now imagine if this 1000 impressions, 1000 you would have received this request. 1000 impressions, see here at 94 shows you already have two conversions. Imagine the number of conversions just from this request. Simply.

second. This is if we now put on the status of this keyword, we will see “Ads is not shown now”, no impressions are recorded. Of course, this is the problem that now the account is not replenished. He does not show it here, but conditional. Then you will go into your target words of these and put it on the status. And they see or not appear. Because, if not shown, it means that they lack the budget. This means that this group of ads will be allocated directly into a separate campaign and give it a personal budget. This is such a staircase structure will be inside.

It seems very difficult, but in fact, it is primitive that we are strongly trying to give it a maximum of a budget. If it sits with a bunch of different ads or keywords, it will not be strong, because, first, it is low and the system is easier to generate traffic to some other keywords. Because it is so easier, they have a higher frequency. And to manually make and give a personal budget, sometimes you have to allocate a certain budget directly into these groups of keywords. But I said that you would just have a separate campaign on the stairs. Because you will have several groups of ad. For example, the first thing there about all the keywords with wooden stairs. The second there is “manufacturing”, “order” and more. Third – you can add, I don’t know “Stairs there metal” or what else you make “external” and other this whole situation.

Thus, then after starting this advertising campaign, after unscrewing you see, aha this group of ads generates so much conversion. Super. And this, for example, spends nothing, so that I do not lead to. If you want to continue to advertise it, you can bring to a separate campaign on a large budget, and then continue. The strong is usually left here, and the weak is taken into a separate campaign. This is the law of such campaigns. This is done for this purpose. But we remember that first we start in this same campaign. And only in a certain period we will adjust it.

Recommendations for the number of phrases in the group. Removal of doubles

What would I recommend you here? The first is to remember one big rule – in one group of ads we do not leave more than 20 keywords. This is the law. Ideal to keep there no more than five keywords.

Second – remove the duplicate of keywords. What is the duplicate of keywords? It is essentially very similar inquiries: “stairs from wood”, “ladder tree” – the same. “Wooden Stairs” – the same story, all with a tree – they are all duplicating. Leave from it some one keyword and all.

that is, this is already a minus two keywords. The same with metal stairs. The same with other keywords. Here’s a look, here I would, I would really have stuck the “wooden stairs”. There is no point in keeping them. Time. “Stairs from wood”, “Stair tree” I would also suspend something of them. Can now, you can later.

Further, for example, the metal here, look, I take filtration, here’s the Serch Bar. I take this metal, look here, I explain primitively to handle it, conditionally how to do it. I filter on the shows, “Price of the frame for stairs”, “ladder external”, “internal”, bunch of everything. This part is generally not working words. It can be not working for various reasons. Well, historically, these key words show the same inquiry in these key words. Or, for example, the question is that the rating was once higher and it is easier to bring them into the shows.

Therefore, you need to look here. For example, “metal stairs”, “metal stairs are external”, “internal” are essentially a duplicate “metal stairs”. “Metal” and, “Metal with a street platform”, “Inner metal”, metal all that is metal. This is essentially duplicate one keyword “metallic stairs”. Want to leave something a lot – I would simply allocate metal stairs into a separate group of ads, and not only, I would simply be, my personal vision, it would have made the maximum emphasis on “making metal stairs”. This is your request. This is what people can look for. Or leave there “metal stairs” for example, if you want a lot very much.

There are most of the keywords here, they can be excluded and forgotten. Because then read what types of matching are how they cross each other. Because well it will take a very big piece of time now.

the same applies to other requests. Here is “Price of Stairs”, “Stairs Kiev”. The same story. Remove some of the duplicate. You will not have problems with the fact that there are five key, there will be three keywords here. There will be nothing wrong. You do not need to chase the volume of keywords. Because these volumes do not mean anything now. You need the correct traffic to be.

Need to verify search terms

Therefore, the next thing you will always do is be sure to check the search terms. I recommend cleaning everything you can. For example, in this case, this group of ads. We have only 708 search queries. Here please take this, sort through the burning. For example, “railing”. We have found out that we need to suspend these “railing for stairs” but conditional.

Look, “spiral stairs”, if it approaches the stairs, “Stairs of Kiev”, “to the attic” you do in the attic or do not make in the attic. You see, it is stimulated on the request “Price of the Stair” here you have already drew up.

I recommend better here … For example, just a “staircase” is not your request. Well, there is just a “staircase”. I do not understand. However, though, look, I’m not right here. There were as many as two orders. You see, “stairs” just “stairs”. Although you have the keyword “stairs” not suspended. You see it, this automatics understands at what point to appear to a person, which is likely to order something there. Not critical. Can then filter traffic simply at least at cost.

You see some requests there waste you money, do not make conversations. You can, in principle, get them out or perfectly minus everything that is not targeted, there “Vinnytsia”, something else like that. Make everything ruthlessly if it does not fit you. Well, for example, how you made “pouring from concrete waste”. This is advisable to do so.

Analysis and recommendations on the Peril group

The following, for example, we go to the “advertisement group”. The same thing – “railing”. Look, 73 keywords. They should be reduced. Want to leave everyone? Then they need to be swollen into more ads, but that there are no more than 20 keywords in everyone. The same story, see the Stairs of Kiev. Repeated a request sitting in a completely different group of ad. Make sure you have beautiful. There you are convinced that only the keywords on the stairs, only on the railing. Something like this is handrails. This whole story.

You need to keep track of what keywords spent the amount of money. And, for example, you see that they did not bring a conversion there, such as “railing for stairs” – 300 UAH. If you wanted there, you have the maximum price for conversion … Why I said to calculate the price for the conversion before it, if there is a maximum of 150 UAH, you see 300 UAH. So you need to exclude this keyword. So it is not suitable for sale to your conversion planting. Is there 189 UAH. That is, your task will be all monitor, control.

Do you need to pay attention to the quality of

Is it necessary to pay attention to such a thing as an indicator of quality. See, if you want to just quickly, easy to grow up to 10 pieces a day, and you are satisfied with the price for conversion, you can not pay attention to it at all. You just don’t pay attention to him. All. If your task is optimizing, lowering the prices for a click in a period of time, you will have to pay attention to this quality indicator in order to optimize it you need to carry out a large block of work.

And here, for example, average. Medium can still be put together. There is only an expected CTR below average that you can easily correct. This suggests that just the announcement clicks on. And it is weakly clicking – it may be shown somewhere at the bottom or, for example, this request is not prescribed quite a good advertising ad. The quality of the target page there is still a bunch of various factors. This is a separate direct story. Therefore, I will not stop for it. Because if it is all suitable, in principle, you simply make some requests to fit these conversions, you will be awarded, really.

Conclusions. What should you do to improve your advertising account

Therefore, you can not try to bring your advertising account to the ideal. Because it is a separate block of work that is stretched for a large piece of time. That is, if it looks a little, do not stretch this whole story on something longer. What is desirable to do.

Recharge your advertising account

First – replenish your advertising account, once. See at least 3 days whether you return the same speaker in conversion, whether the price for conversion is not increasing. If you see everything is super great, okay. Then you will increase the budget as I told you before.

Make Keywords Audit and Grouping

the following. In parallel, I would recommend reviewing your keywords. The first is to make sure that there are no more than 20 keywords in each ad. If you want to leave all those keywords, 73 or 80 that you have there, then you need to create additional groups of ad, and only include these keywords. It is easy enough to do, such as copy, insert. Another “staircase 2” is added here and you leave only the keywords in this “East 2”. But it is better that you still group keywords in meaning. Well, what I said – “wooden” sitting there separately there, I do not know, but simply “stairs Kiev” – a wide request. Let wide requests separately sit if you want to continue to run them. “Manufacturing” to sit separately. It will be easy for you to simply go to the advertisement group, aha ladder there is something like that, something that makes me such a result.

Second, you thus overcome it all, you will remove some of the keywords crossed. That is, in the railing, there are also “Kiev” or “stairs”. Well, the meaning of them to do duplicate, if in the railing you have an announcement of the railing, and it shows your railing on the “Stair of Kiev” of the query. This is illogical, because you will still prescribe an advertisement for each of these groups of ad. And of course, if there, for example, oh, we will still be here. If you have everything about the stairs, then let it be about the stairs. Information is not about the periods and everything about in a row.

Clean the duplicate of keywords

Yes, the next one is to clean duplicate. Well, at least about it just about. “Wooden Stairs” and “Tree of Stairs” are the same keywords. Leave one of them if you think there is something you can not do something right there. Clean these duplicate keywords. It will be easier for you to saport and automatics will be easier to bring these keywords into the readings. Why will it be easier? Because the task is, in principle, the system is each of your keywords to display. Just here is pure in the shows. Another question is to do it when automatics? Automatic strategies are always lower than you could be on hand rates. But I suggest you to stay on automatics. So get off, make your job easier.

Browse and edit ads

I wanted to look at your advertisement here. Here’s a look, you have mistakes in the design of this ad. First, see the dynamic insert of the super lounge, it is still relevant. I would have been recommended to cling to the first position at all. But you also have an ad relevance on every key word above average, you may not be rubbed on that.

But here, if you “order the stairs”, then you will put at least a space. If the space does not fit, then something needs to be reduced here. Because this is a straight closed “covered tree” – this will be the right ad, the “ladder price” and this without flashing. Of course, I understand that if you see as “stairs”. You see the “production of stairs” or “dream” it is fused together. This is because you have all the textbooks somewhere. Put punctuation marks or at least spaces to make it look more or less human. And it is not necessary to leave so many dynamic rates. Leave one and all. Don’t need so much of them, one is enough with your head.

Yes, the following. This is sure to check your facilities. Objects are what we have? This is necessary for us. Minimum six to eight pieces. Now they are called footnotes. Previously called “clarification”. There are four things here. See who is ctrny, who is not ctrny. Here’s a look, here’s a “guarantee year”, you see. It is a CTR ad, with it little below Ctr than for example, for example, “Consultation is free”. Play, it’s all a text ad. It also needs to play with it in order to improve the clickality of your ad.

structured descriptions – it is desirable to add their at least two or three things to ensure that it also operates. They are usually quite effective, increase the size of the ad and click. And here, look, here’s the “railing” you have a Ctr ad, when they showed 1.50%with the railing. Oh, this is a conversion factor. Wait where our Ctr, at 4.95%. If someone is very low CTR, then it should be stopped and replaced with another. I confused with the conversion coefficient. This should be followed.

The sequence of work after the start of the campaign

that is, the work plan you have a vicious. We start, track, if the result is super, great. Increase the budget. In parallel, we adjust the stuffing of the advertising campaign. As soon as we grow up to 20, at least there are 30 conversions a week. Well, you can 15 in principle. You can declude the weak keywords of the ads group, bring them into a separate campaign, continue here, strongly advertise in the same scheme.

If the conversions have ceased or very little – reduce the budget, collect these droplets and then again according to the same scheme. Plus, we go through groups of keywords to the subject of ignorance of keywords, crossing the same keywords in different advertisements. To remove duplicate keywords to both yourself and the system make it easier to work.

Tracking super expensive keywords or search queries that spend but don’t bring results.

In this way, you will have a pretty good balance between cost and number of conversions. Because you will be left with something that will convert anyway. You will use it to increase traffic by increasing the size of the budget. And what inefficiently spends money, and at the same time does not bring results, you will simply exclude, thereby not spending money on it.

This is the minimum allowable set of actions in this campaign to grow to at least five conversions a day at first, and then maybe even up to 10.

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