Internet advertising services

Internet advertising

Advertising on the Internet is a powerful promotion tool that allows a business to build effective communications with its audience and achieve marketing goals. According to eMarketer, global online spending reached a record $526 billion in 2022, representing approximately 64% of total advertising budgets.

The popularity of online advertising is due to a number of factors, including precise targeting, real-time performance tracking, scalability and the ability to fine-tune.

Thanks to this, advertisers can not only attract new customers, but also increase loyalty of the target audience, build brand awareness, and stimulate sales at all stages of the funnel.


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What online advertising services do we provide?

The main types of advertising that we can advise and effectively set up to promote your product on the Internet are presented and described below.

Internet advertising in Google search

Contextual advertising in Google search

In this case, the customer pays for each unique transition to his site, by clicking on an advertising link in the search engine results. It is called contextual because the ad is displayed relevant to the key phrase (query) entered by the user.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping

This is a novelty on the Ukrainian market. With this type of advertising, you get the opportunity to show your ad in the form of a product ad with a picture and the price of a specific product item at the user’s request directly on the search results page. User-friendliness, in this case, is the ability to evaluate offers in comparison with competitors, without going to many sites.

Display Advertising

Display Network Advertising

The user gets to the advertiser’s website after clicking on a banner placed on a third-party resource. Banner placement is available within the Google AdWords service (search engine partners). Payment for this type of advertising is a fixed amount for 1000 impressions, or for each click. The main advantage is the geographical and age orientation. In case of inefficiency, you can always curtail such an advertising campaign. We recommend using such advertising only in combination with other types (for maximum effectiveness).



Allows you to track users who have already visited the site in order to show them ads again. When a user visits a resource with a set remarketing code, the list is updated with its unique ID. Later, it is possible to launch an AdWords campaign, as a result of which, when browsing other sites on the network, he will see your ad again. For example, if with search advertising only 3% of users used your services, then there is an opportunity to remind yourself again, which will necessarily lead to an increase in sales or use of your service;

Youtube video ad


Probably the most popular resource on the web for multimedia content. Creating promotional videos is a rather time-consuming procedure, because in a compressed amount of time you need to fit the maximum of useful information. But the effectiveness of this method, and the coverage of the target audience, exceeds those described above at times.

Internet advertising on Google Maps

Geo contextual advertising on the web

Foremost, it filters the target audience by geolocation. Advertising blocks are displayed in applications such as maps, navigators and other similar ones: targeted on request from the nearest location to your company’s address.

What other types of website advertising exist on the Internet?

Among other types of site advertising on the Internet, the most popular are:

Teaser ad

Internet teaser ad

Teasers are small banners that contain advertising text, a title and an image. Usually, clickbait in headlines is used to attract attention, due to this, sometimes the click-through rate of teasers can exceed the CTR of display ads from Google on the same site.

To place teaser ads, you need to use special teaser networks (Marketgid, Kadam and others). Search engines have nothing to do with such ads, and some sites that place too aggressive teasers on their pages, they may even downvote.

Teaser advertising is usually charged per 1000 impressions. The cost is relatively low. However, such ads are not suitable for promoting services or expensive goods. But for the sale of products of emotional demand or cheap goods, they can be very effective.

Targeted advertising in social networks

Targeted ads on Instagram

Targeting in social networks is now one of the most popular and effective types of advertising in Ukraine. The largest target audience can be obtained using Instagram and Facebook ads.

Unlike SMM (Social Media Marketing), targeted advertising involves displaying ads to attract interested users to a website or platform account. And in the case of SMM, the service is filling the company’s page with content and writing new posts.

Targeted advertising works well for working with demand that has not yet formed – when you launch an ad for a completely new product on the market. And for some topics, targeting on Instagram and Facebook is the most effective advertising tool.

Email Marketing

Email newsletter

Email newsletters are an old but still working tool for advertising a website on the Internet. It involves the delivery of information to interested subscribers in a form convenient for them.

Email marketing works best for:

  1. Online stores. You can send subscribers information about current promotions and discounts, or life hacks and instructions for using certain products.
  2. News and information sites. Make a selection of the most relevant news of the day or the best articles of the month and send it to your audience.
  3. Coupon and discount services. For this kind of business, mailings are one of the main tools for attracting sales. They form collections with current offers and send them to their audience on an ongoing basis.

Search engine promotion

Internet search promotion

SEO optimization will help bring targeted traffic to the site from organic search engine results. This is a combination of technical work on the site, content marketing and work on external optimization – attracting links from third-party thematic resources.

Search promotion is a long-term job, unlike contextual advertising, it will start showing the first results only 2-3 months after the start of work. At the same time, you do not need to pay for traffic from organic search results. Only the SEO specialist who works on the site takes the fee.

In the long run, promotion in Google search is very beneficial for the customer, because with successful promotion, the traffic becomes more and more, and the payment for the month of work is fixed at the same level.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing (or Affiliate Marketing) is almost a direct collaboration between an advertiser and an affiliate (which brings visitors to the advertiser’s website).

There is still an intermediary in this model – this is an affiliate service (or CPA network) that unites advertisers and partners. A partner can be a webmaster (the owner of a thematic site), an affiliate marketer (he buys traffic from contextual advertising, social and teaser networks and sends it to the advertiser’s company website) or a blogger.

The payment model used in this case is Cost Per Action. Such an action can be a subscription to an online service, registration on a partner’s website, ordering its products, downloading a mobile application, etc.

Push mailings

Push mailings on the Internet

These are short messages that appear on the screens of mobile devices and browsers. They are used to notifying users about new events and activity in applications and sites.

Push notifications are displayed even when the smartphone screen is locked and therefore allow you to get a very high level of audience engagement. According to Accengage research, the average open rate of push messages is 40%, which is significantly higher than that of email campaigns.

Push mailings show the best effect for mobile applications, online stores and entertainment content. Sending notifications requires user permission, which increases their effectiveness as people consciously subscribe to a communication channel that is useful to them.

Advertising in messengers

Advertising in messengers

Popular instant messengers (Telegram, Viber) today are one of the most popular channels for communication and obtaining information. This advertising channel provides high message open rates, the ability to personalize dialogue and instantly receive feedback from customers.

To interact with your audience in instant messengers, you can use:

  • Order sponsored posts in Telegram channels.
  • Use chatbots for automated consultation of users, accepting orders and sending out mailings.
  • Set up targeted advertising in the chat feed (for example, this feature is available in WhatsApp Business).
  • Order mailings using a database of phone numbers. In this way, you can notify the target audience about promotions, sales, as well as the appearance of new products in the assortment.

Advantages of advertising on the Internet

  • Widest audience coverage. According to DataReportal, in 2022 the number of Internet users in the world will reach almost 5 billion people. This is about 63% of the world’s population. At the same time, in developing countries, the growth rate is 8-12% per year. Thus, the potential reach of online advertising is constantly growing.
  • Segmentation. Modern technologies make it possible to customize the display of advertising to specific segments of the target audience depending on their demographics, interests, intentions and previous online behavior. Advertisers can set hundreds of targeting options, down to individual users. This allows you to increase advertising conversion significantly and significantly save budgets.
  • Promptness of results. Within the first 24 hours after the launch of an advertising campaign, you can track the increase in targeted traffic, conversions, calls and applications. This allows you to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of advertising and, if necessary, adjust settings to increase ROI. This sets internet marketing apart from traditional advertising, where it can take a week or more to get the first results.
  • Availability for businesses of any size. According to WordStream, the average cost of attracting a customer online is 7 times lower than using traditional channels. Both large corporations and small companies can afford online advertising.
  • Precise geotargeting. Ads are seen only by local audiences. For example, if you need to set up online advertising in Kyiv for a coworking space in the city center, it makes sense to show ads to residents of several districts within a radius of 2-3 km.
  • Variety of formats. The advertiser has access to a wide range of advertising formats – display and contextual advertising, teaser networks, video advertising, e-mail newsletters, promotion on social networks and much more. This allows you to select the optimal communication channel with the audience to solve specific marketing problems.
  • Instant reporting. The main advantage of advertising on the Internet is that you can measure its effectiveness (unlike radio, television advertising, handing out leaflets, etc.). It becomes much easier to analyze the effect of an advertising campaign thanks to various statistical tools and automation of the processing of this data. Reports that contain key indicators are available in real time. This makes it possible to make changes to the campaign settings and increase its effectiveness in the shortest possible time.

Are there any drawbacks to advertising on the Internet?

With all the obvious advantages, advertising on the Internet is not without certain features that you need to consider when using this tool:

  1. Many competitors. Of course, in some niches, very few advertisers compete for the user’s attention. But in most topics, the competition in online advertising is quite high, and the rates per click are very high. However, they can be reduced if the advertisement exactly covers the needs of the target audience, and the settings were performed by professionals.
  2. A mistake is costly. Choosing the wrong target audience, keywords that are too general, not paying enough attention to negative keywords in an advertising campaign – all this can lead to a quick and ineffectual consumption of your marketing budget. To avoid these mistakes, you need to either understand the settings of advertising systems yourself, or work with an experienced marketing agency. And this requires a lot of investment.
  3. Complicated project analytics. Special analytical systems (Google Analytics and others) help track the results of advertising campaigns on the Internet. It will be difficult for a beginner to understand them. Large marketing agencies have in-house analysts to help interpret the results, but this is only necessary with large advertising budgets, as the cost of error is very high there.
  4. Banner blindness. Due to the large abundance of advertising on the Internet, many no longer notice it against the background of the main content of the page and do not read the essence of the ads. To get around this effect, you need to carefully select the target audience and stand out with your offer from competitors.

4 reasons to order online advertising in Kyiv and Ukraine from Adwservice

  1. Interaction on an ongoing basis. The reputation of the studio is of great value to us, which can only be compared with the value of customers. This confirms the constant readiness to consult and provide support, both marketing and technical. More than 70% of our clients work with us on a permanent basis. Together we bring new projects and tasks to life. We provide non-standard solutions.
  2. More than two hundred successful projects. Professionals in our team have successfully proven themselves in more than 200 client projects. The solutions offered by our company are always individual and aimed specifically at increasing sales of your business;
  3. Regular reporting. We always provide detailed reports on how your project is being worked on – what tools are used, what results each advertising tool shows, their effectiveness, costs and conversions for each type of ad;
  4. Openness in communication. Providing support for the development of your business with effective solutions is our main goal. We will definitely warn you if the chosen strategy cannot achieve a guaranteed result.

How to make online advertising more effective?

  • Track ROI. So you can understand which type of online advertising is effective and brings a margin, and which one works out in the negative. Be sure to analyze key performance indicators. To do this, set up end-to-end analytics on the site.
  • Separate the audience into groups. Consider the age, interests, location, and gender of your target audience. For example, creatives and ads that work well for men may not work well for female audiences.
  • Place on those sites where your target audience is. For example, B2B ads are best placed on Facebook or business bloggers on YouTube, while mobile games can be advertised on TikTok.
  • Be resourceful and creative. Advertising on the Internet is not a guarantee of success. You need to be able to surprise and bribe the audience, create a WOW effect. This is the only way to make advertising viral, and users themselves will distribute it among their friends and acquaintances.
  • Insert a call to action into your ads. The audience must understand what the advertiser wants from it. Use short and clear CTAs – “go to the site”, “order now”, “subscribe to the newsletter”, and so on. Such a simple action can increase the click-through rate of ads by several percents.
  • Adjust your ads for your smartphone. All advertising on the Internet should look equally good on any device. Particular emphasis should be placed on mobile traffic, because in some topics it is more than 90%.

Modern trends in the development of online advertising in Ukraine

The Internet advertising market in Ukraine is developing dynamically, following global trends. In the coming years, experts expect its transformation in the following areas:

  1. Increasing the share of interactive advertising compared to text advertising. Today, traditional text messages are not enough to hold the attention of online audiences. Today’s advertisers interact with the user through quizzes and surveys and other interactive activities. Also, the share of video advertising is growing year by year – according to the research company InMind, in 2021 its share in the Ukrainian market increased to 35%.
  2. Automation. More and more Ukrainian advertisers are abandoning manual campaign setup in favor of automated tools. Due to the widespread trend towards the use of artificial intelligence and its development, the possibilities and share of the use of programmatic marketing are increasing. Advertising platforms today optimize impressions in real time to achieve marketing goals within a given budget.
  3. Demand for user personal data. For effective targeting and personalization, advertisers will increasingly collaborate with real estate agencies, mobile operators and delivery services to collect more information about the client.
  4. Increasing importance of a personal brand. Recently, personalization has played an increasingly important role in Internet marketing – the client wants to know who exactly he is working with. This is becoming a long-term strategy for many advertisers who actively maintain their blog on popular social networks or a Telegram channel to interact with the audience.
  5. Increasing the share of mobile traffic. According to Factum Group Ukraine, in 2022, 79% of Ukrainian users accessed the Internet from smartphones. Therefore, the mobile Internet is becoming a priority channel for advertising, which allows you to more accurately configure geotargeting, depending on the location of the user at a particular moment.
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