Internet advertising services

Internet advertising

Given the steady growth of network users by 6-8% per year, advertising on the Internet is gaining popularity every year. Its productivity and demand is growing, in comparison with other methods of promoting a product on the market.

The information space of the network covers a wide audience, and modern methods of displaying it allow presenting the product to the target audience, which is especially critical for the advertising market.


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What online advertising services do we provide?

The main types of advertising that we can advise and effectively set up to promote your product on the Internet are presented and described below.

Internet advertising in Google search

Contextual advertising in Google search

In this case, the customer pays for each unique transition to his site, by clicking on an advertising link in the search engine results. It is called contextual because the ad is displayed relevant to the key phrase (query) entered by the user.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping

This is a novelty on the Ukrainian market. With this type of advertising, you get the opportunity to show your ad in the form of a product ad with a picture and the price of a specific product item at the user’s request directly on the search results page. User-friendliness, in this case, is the ability to evaluate offers in comparison with competitors, without going to many sites.

Display Advertising

Display Network Advertising

The user gets to the advertiser’s website after clicking on a banner placed on a third-party resource. Banner placement is available within the Google AdWords service (search engine partners). Payment for this type of advertising is a fixed amount for 1000 impressions, or for each click. The main advantage is the geographical and age orientation. In case of inefficiency, you can always curtail such an advertising campaign. We recommend using such advertising only in combination with other types (for maximum effectiveness).



Allows you to track users who have already visited the site in order to show them ads again. When a user visits a resource with a set remarketing code, the list is updated with its unique ID. Later, it is possible to launch an AdWords campaign, as a result of which, when browsing other sites on the network, he will see your ad again. For example, if with search advertising only 3% of users used your services, then there is an opportunity to remind yourself again, which will necessarily lead to an increase in sales or use of your service;

Youtube video ad


Probably the most popular resource on the web for multimedia content. Creating promotional videos is a rather time-consuming procedure, because in a compressed amount of time you need to fit the maximum of useful information. But the effectiveness of this method, and the coverage of the target audience, exceeds those described above at times.

Internet advertising on Google Maps

Geo contextual advertising on the web

Foremost, it filters the target audience by geolocation. Advertising blocks are displayed in applications such as maps, navigators and other similar ones: targeted on request from the nearest location to your company’s address.

The benefits of advertising on the Internet

  • Span. The scale of the network, and the number of users, compares favorably with radio, newspapers and television. In combination with the direction of information specifically to your target audience and reducing the time of interaction, it further increases the effect of the campaign;
  • Targeting. Achieving efficiency, due to a clear definition of the target audience, by highlighting it according to the main criteria. Your ad will be seen by those who are interested in it. Plus, there is no need to pay for irrelevant impressions of the message;
  • Efficiency of results. Already in the next day, after the start of the advertising company, the client flow is increasing. Advertising on the Internet will inevitably lead to increased sales and increased profits;
  • Geographic settings. Your advertisement will be seen by those to whom it is really intended. If you order advertising for Kyiv, then it will simply not be shown to residents of other locations. Defining and detailing the target audience is the main key to efficiency and budget savings, with maximum effect;
  • Sales funnel. Proper use of the tool palette ensures close contact with your target audience at all stages of the sales funnel. Combination of native and direct advertising with marketing – provide excellent results and lead to increased sales;
  • Instant reporting. The main advantage of advertising on the Internet is that you can measure its effectiveness (unlike radio, TV advertising, distribution of leaflets, etc.). It becomes much easier to analyze the effect of an advertising campaign, thanks to various tools for maintaining statistics and automating the processing of this data. Reports containing the indicators you are interested in are available in a matter of minutes, generated and presented in a form convenient for studying. This allows you to adjust the actions of the company and increase its efficiency in the shortest possible time.

4 reasons to order online advertising in Kyiv and Ukraine from Adwservice

  1. Interaction on an ongoing basis. The reputation of the studio is of great value to us, which can only be compared with the value of customers. This confirms the constant readiness to consult and provide support, both marketing and technical. More than 70% of our clients work with us on a permanent basis. Together we bring new projects and tasks to life. We provide non-standard solutions.
  2. More than two hundred successful projects. Professionals in our team have successfully proven themselves in more than 200 client projects. The solutions offered by our company are always individual and aimed specifically at increasing sales of your business;
  3. Regular reporting. We always provide detailed reports on how your project is being worked on – what tools are used, what results each advertising tool shows, their effectiveness, costs and conversions for each type of ad;
  4. Openness in communication. Providing support for the development of your business with effective solutions is our main goal. We will definitely warn you if the chosen strategy cannot achieve a guaranteed result.
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