Contextual advertising. How well do we know it?

Contextual advertising

Everyone who is currently reading this article is somehow connected with contextual advertising.

You create it, you analyze it, you live with it. But think about it: do you know her as well as you think?

Now we will reveal to you the secrets of contextual advertising that you did not know about.

  1. Google contextual advertising was born in 2000, but only in 2002 the system was transferred to the auction principle;
  2. What is the Average CTR of all Google AdWords ads? – 3.2%
  3. Google says 99% of the top 1000 advertisers use Display Networks and YouTube;
  4. Amazon alone spends $55-65 million a year on Google AdWords contextual advertising;
  5. The brilliant idea of paying for ad space in search results comes from former 18-year-old student Scott Banister. The idea itself was embodied a few years later by Bill Gross at Idea Lab;
  6. Average CTR for a first position ad is 7.94%;
  7. One of the most expensive areas in AdWords is finance and insurance. CPC of some words exceeds $50;
  8. Google claims that ad campaigns that use the Conversion Optimizer increase conversion rates by 21% and reduce CPA by 14%;
  9. On average, you can earn $2 from every dollar invested in AdWords;
  10. Contextual advertising in Kyiv is on average 30% more expensive than in other cities of Ukraine. At the same time, Kyiv and the region represent almost 37% of the entire online advertising market;

These 10 facts are not the limit. After all, the world of contextual advertising is immense. Let’s study it together.

Яна Ляшенко
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