Setting up and tracking calls on the site

Our team sets up and keeps track of performance by setting up complex web analytics in Google Analytics, taking into account how many targeted calls and requests through the site were received as a result of the advertising campaign. Settings in Google Analytics will include tracking of key performance indicators. With their help, we will see a comprehensive marketing picture and achieve the main goals.

Important points when setting up call tracking on a website

If customers prefer to call you (and according to statistics, from 15 to 100% of sales occur over the phone), such call statistics are not available to you. This is exactly the problem that call tracking solves. To understand how many incoming calls were the result of our work, we strongly recommend connecting the Call Tracking module to telephony. calls cannot be tracked by standard analytics tools.

Call tracking is a technology that tracks phone calls and associates them with a specific advertising source. In fact, this is a code that is installed on the site and collects call statistics. Call tracking is used to correctly allocate the advertising budget and increase sales.

How many calls and sales will I get by ordering contextual advertising from you?

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How does call tracking work?

Call tracking is based on the substitution of numbers on the site. Instead of your company’s contact phone number, it shows the website visitor a fake number. Then it matches it with a specific advertising source or user visit. Setting up and tracking calls on the site

What do the customized Goals for binotel for ringostat look like in Google Analytics?

Goals for Google Analytics call tracking

Tool strength:

We will know exactly where potential customers (leads) came from. A business from reporting will know and understand exactly which traffic channel works most efficiently (paid CPC traffic, SEO, social networks, etc.) and brings more profit. For our technical specialists, it will provide an opportunity to more accurately and more effectively set up advertising campaigns, redistribute the budget for the Republic of Kazakhstan more profitably, allocate more money for what brings calls and orders and not allocate money for what does not work.

Weak side of the tool:

Additional payment will be required for this service (depends on the tariffs of the service provider company)

Business results from using Call Tracking

Reduction from 30% of the cost of the sale and an increase in the number of sales due to:

  1. We can clearly see which advertising campaigns and keywords bring calls. Based on this data, decisions are made about their optimization;
  2. You know how much each call to the company costs. With this data, you can calculate the return on advertising investment;
  3. Data on calls are stored in the personal account, on the basis of which their quality is analyzed;
  4. Data on new/repeated/missed calls are recorded. We accurately calculate and understand how many new sales the advertising campaign brought.

Typically, the customer’s purchasing decision process is influenced by various advertising sources. You and I will know exactly which advertising sources led to calls and how they affected sales. Knowing exactly what kind of advertising generates calls, we will avoid wasting the budget.

Important. Our company does not provide this service, but you can contact one of the following service providers: Binotel, Ringostat or any other company.

Why is call tracking so important?

We will know exactly where our customers (leads) came from. And this will give us the opportunity to more accurately and more effectively set up advertising campaigns, redistribute the budget for the Republic of Kazakhstan more profitably, allocate more money for what calls and orders bring in and not allocate money for what does not work.

So, for business areas where potential customers prefer to place an order by phone through a manager, we see a comprehensive picture and take into account absolutely all requests. As you can see from the screenshot below, for campaigns No. 1 and No. 4, the share of calls is clearly higher than orders. Without taking into account calls through analytics, we would collect and analyze incorrect information that would be at odds with the realities of the business.

An example of call tracking on a real site As a result, you will receive in-depth analytics at all stages of the sales funnel for each product group. those. You will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the entire project in the leads / applications of users. The next level of analytics in the project “End-to-end analytics” makes it possible to evaluate the result of advertising in terms of income and real money.

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