Setting up basic analytics (setting goals and connecting analytics)

Setting up site analytics

Web analytics – a system or service for measuring, collecting, analyzing, presenting and interpreting information about website visitors in order to improve and optimize them.

The 70% success rate of spending all the money is the result of the analyzed project data for the past period and the modified strategy based on this data.

Why is it important to collect these statistics specifically for your site? Because it will be different from the data collected from another site in the same field and subject. It is important to note that all “layers” of the site:

  • analytical;
  • semantic;
  • conversion;
  • designer;
  • technical.

Analysis of the collected data will allow us to understand where the bottleneck is in our project right now and give programmers, designers, marketers and business owners growth points to increase project efficiency (and therefore sales).

How many calls and sales will I get by ordering contextual advertising from you?

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Key details when setting up basic analytics:


With a properly configured analytics system, you will be able to:

  • evaluate the quality of traffic, advertising campaign, keyword, etc.;
  • evaluate the quality of the content;
  • evaluate the quality of site usability;
  • understand at what stage people leave your site and how it can be improved;
  • analysis of the audience and how it interacts with your site;
  • Evaluate the return on investment in certain traffic sources, etc.



You may need a programmer to install the GTM Google Tag Manager code. We send detailed instructions to our clients. The programmer usually takes up to 30 minutes of time.


Example of correctly installed GTM and GA codes on the site

An example of properly configured analytics on a website

How can properly configured analytics help a business?

We do not launch ads without a configured analytics system in principle. The process of maintaining and setting up contextual advertising is debugged in such a way that specialists should “squeeze” the maximum benefit out of advertising according to the KPIs that are set for the project. Therefore, we discuss with you what goals we set, what we fix, what planned indicators we plan to achieve in the current period, etc.

Also, as a business owner, you need to understand how much you spend, where you spend, what you get and whether it is profitable for you to continue working with us?

If you want to understand:

  • how many sales through the site will I get;
  • how many calls received and their effectiveness, quality;
  • how much traffic was attracted;
  • impact of advertising on offline sales;
  • analysis of the work of sales departments;
  • audience analysis and its interaction with the site, and much more.

Then you need to set up analytics.

In active projects, changes are constantly made (the site, account, business processes, market neighbors constantly make changes to advertising strategies, communication with the audience, to the meaning of their offers, to their packaging). Constantly monitored analytics data makes it possible to “keep abreast” of these changes.

Account goal setting example:

Account goal setting example

An example of how goals can be displayed in 24/7 reporting:

Display goals in 24/7 reporting

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